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James King

Pegasus Social Studies Teacher
BS International Business Management (Strayer University)
MS Ed. In Teacher Leadership (Strayer University)
Doctor of Public Administration in Program (Liberty University)
James is a business major from the United States.  He has 15+ years of training leadership experience while in America, and nearly seven years as a teacher in China to students of all ages from primary school up, to businesses, and hospitals. His passion is to help students learn history, economics, and social studies while comprehending the English language as it related to the various topics.  He takes the time to get to know as many of his students personally as possible to help strengthen working relationships with them so that he can influence them to be the best they can be and do the best that they can do.  James works to ensure the students are ready to become productive members of society by given project-based assignments and not simply standardized tests.  He believes students need to develop skills that are key to their success in life, college, and business. 

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