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Students' Writing

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars
Written by Kalea (Grade 10)
The fault in our stars is an amazing book written by John Green. You may know him from his YouTube channel, crash course series. I read it last summer with my friends when we were in Shanghai. We read the book together, and we watched the movie...

That Night, Ten Thousand Stars Fell
Written by Cathy (Grade 10)
On December 25th, I went to see the movie Your Name in the evening. The cinema was full of couples, for they wanted to see the movie Your Name. The cinema was like a huge gift box with complex decorations for Christmas. Silent Night was playing in the market, and the heat of radiator in the cinema caressed my face directly. I took off my thick coat and scarf. I felt a little hot...

Art exhibition "Eclipse"
Written by Kalea (Grade 10)
Like the moon, a person goes through many changes in their life. There are dark times and light times, but more often we are in transition between these two stages. The artwork of Eclipse represents the transition that the young artists of Pegasus California School are going through. They are developing into well rounded individuals that will one day shape the world. They will eclipse the world with their new ideas and aspirations...

Mock Trial II
Written by Jason (Grade 10)
Well, I have to say that for the first time a mock trial was done in Pegasus, it was actually pretty smooth except for maybe a few minor mistakes and small lack of preparing from the hosts. I enjoyed the mock trial a lot, learning how the court works was very fascinating...

Mock Trial I
Written by Alice & Diana (Grade 10)
First, Diana and Alice would lie to thank everybody who participated and supported this activity!
The motivation of this activity was let more people get to know our Daydreaming club. It was dying...

The Wizard
Written by Lyra (Grade 10)
I sat down on the chair with my notebook in my lap. The sun was so bright, and the leaves of the green plant casted small shadows in the huge French Windows. I would always pick up my writing materials and sit in my study, for I can always sink into my magic world easily in such a nice environment. I have always be-lieved that if we can connect what we wrote with what we have experienced in our life, the emotions that the stories express must be more genuine. I find no reason of doing it differently this time...
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