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Mock Trial II

Written by Jason Hay (Grade 10)

        Well, I have to say that for the first time a mock trial was done in Pegasus, it was actually pretty smooth except for maybe a few minor mistakes and small lack of preparing from the hosts. I enjoyed the mock trial a lot, learning how the court works was very fascinating.

        Within the Mock Trial, I played the role of the Prosecutor, even though I actually wanted to be the defense attorney, as I don’t really like to verbally assault people! I was given a witness, a murder weapon, and the hosts told me that I could make up any evidence I wanted to, which confused me a lot, as I thought I should be given evidence and just “go with it”, not making up whatever I like so as to prove the defendant guilty, as that would be ridiculous! I stuck to the evidence that the hosts gave me, but the evidence given was not very strong, where even my witness was “found to be lying” when two new pieces of evidence, the computers of the two victims, were mentioned later in the mock trial, which I had no knowledge of. I also had no idea that the defense attorney also had a witness, who the hosts did not tell me about, even when the prosecutor should be able to gather and inspect all of the evidence found.

        I was prosecuting Tori Li, with Jock Kan as her defense attorney. I think that Jock did an excellent job as the defense attorney, in both presenting evidence “proving” the defendant innocent and asking questions concerning the case. However, with the advantage I believe that he has, winning the case would be a fairly easy job for him. I really enjoyed the way he spoke, as his tone was passionate yet professional throughout the entire trial. Who knows? He might make a pretty good lawyer one day!

        On the other hand, I was actually very confused with the “supernatural elements” within the trial! The Witch, portrayed by Jeffrey, had the ability to “summon” the two victims, Alice and Diana back to life for a few minutes. At first, when I thought I could at least get some useful evidence out of the two victims, who should be able to see the murder, but I was so wrong when the victims said they killed each other! Even though I understood the rules where the victims “may not be able to tell the truth”, but that was absolutely ludicrous! It was almost like the victims wanted the defendant, who was actually guilty, to be innocent! However, I am not one to judge, as I was the one who lost the case due to the “lack of evidence presented”.

        In conclusion, even though the whole mock trial was very confusing throughout the process, I enjoyed it and hope to have another one in the coming few weeks!

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