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A Trip to MixC Mall this Saturday

        Release Time:2016-10-21 16:47

For those who don’t live in Qingdao, we will have a trip to the MixC mall in city center.  We will take the city bus from school leaving school around 10am and will return to school around 4pm.  You have 3 options for what you can do.  There are 10 spots for each activity.
- 1. Mr. Schembari will take a group to the Joypolis Arcade and estimates you should have ¥200-¥300 for this activity.
- 2. Mrs. Owen will take a group ice skating.  The skating is ¥70, plus money for lunch.
- 3. Mr. Owen will take a group to see the movie “Jack Reacher”.  The movie ticket is ¥55, plus money for lunch.
If you would like to attend one of these activities you must have your parents send a message to the correct number giving permission for the specific activity (arcade, skating, movie).
Boys : 185 61765253
Girls: 185 62635680