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NSDA China (Qingdao Division) Debate Competition Pegasus students won the championship, the third prize and the best debater, etc!

        Release Time:2020-12-14 15:11

NSDA China was established in early 2012 with the official authorization of NSDA to run its debate and speech programs in mainland China. It is now the 7th year in China to be held. On Dec. 12, Secondary School Student Speech and Debate Tournament of 2020-2021 NSDA China (Qingdao) came to an end. Ten Pegasus students took the debate competition. Sarah Fang and her partners eventually won the championship among high school students; Evan Gao and Joseph Zhou won the second place; Amy Zhang won the title of best debater with its outstanding performance. Helen Zhang, Bella Ma, Cici Yu, Kevin Li, Charles Zou became contestants and competed with the best debaters in Qingdao. Peng Xin worked as a volunteer throughout the competition. 

After competing from the preliminary contest to the final contest within one day, Sarah Fang and her partners eventually won the championship among high school student ; Evan Gao and Joseph Zhou won the third place; Amy Zhang won the title of best debater with its outstanding performance.

It is reported that the Secondary School Student Tournament of 2020-2021 NSDA China (Qingdao) separately had the "original speech contest" and "debate competition", attracting nearly a total of hundred secondary school students from different schools in Qingdao. As China's leading international academic speech and debate organization, NSDA is now favored by more and more families because its related events provide strong background and has a very high gold content for the application to the world famous universities. Winning awards from the competition is the embodiment of the comprehensive strengths such as excellent expression ability, logical thinking, on-spot analysis, team collaboration, etc. 

Debate Competition Process
Relevant information
NSDA China - The leading international organization of Academic Speech and Debate
NSDA China is committed to promoting academic speech and debate throughout the country. Its main business includes organizing debate and speech competitions, organizing debate and speech training at home and abroad, providing support for university-level competitions and student clubs and organizing Chinese students to participate in many large international competitions sponsored by NSDA. Maximize the educational value of speech and debate.
With nearly a century of development, NSDA has established complete debate competition standards. Its strict accreditation standards enjoy high credibility and recognition in the educational and academic system. The evaluation system is widely used in the recruitment process of various universities, and the top50 universities account for 81% of the nearly 2 million registered members.
In the United States, the honorary Debate and Speech Associations which has NSDA as a representative have a long history and wide popularity. The regional and national speech and debate tournament organized by NSDA every year have a large scale and a rich variety of debates, which are widely accepted and affirmed by the academia and society.
Rich experiences in NSDA competitions can greatly improve students' academic background and make them favored by universities. Under the same circumstances, the probability of success in applying for prestigious universities is much higher than that of ordinary students.
NSDA is the standard competition on the way to the Ivy League. It is the only competition organization in China that can directly connect with the following major speech and debate competitions, and contestants can go to the U.S. for competition after passing the selection process:

Up to now, NSDA China Office has nearly 20,000 student members in China. During the 2019-2020 season, more than 10,000 participants from more than 550 international schools and key secondary schools across the country took part in the NSDA China Speech and Debate Program.

Official recognition of Reward Points
Students who register as NSDA members and participate in events organized or certified by NSDA China will have their results officially certified by NSDA and accumulate corresponding points. The points have very high recognition in the academic evaluation system. Students with NSDA reward points have a higher success rate of applying to prestigious universities than ordinary students.
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