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We Come to Qingdao!

        Release Time:2016-03-04 15:14

The Pegasus California School is the result of cooperation between the California Education Department and the Chinese local government. This establishment took three years to fulfill. In 2013 the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mr. Tom Torlakson, officially expressed full support and great dedication of the Pegasus California School Project. This allowed Pegasus to share resources, teaching experiences, and other valuable programs directly with California State Education Department. Under Head Principal Dr. Long’s leadership, Pegasus is marching towards a world class international school, with its first campus opening in Qingdao 2016.
Qingdao Campus
Pegasus’s Qingdao Campus is launched with support from the California Department of Education, Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Government, and the Qingdao Bureau of Education. With blessings from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mr. Tom Torlakson and our Principal Dr. Long (former California Secretary of Education) Pegasus will stress a hands on approach.
Qingdao Campus opens on September 1st, 2016.