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Well-Qualified Academic Team, Guaranteed Admission, "Harvesters" with Glorious Offers, Pegasus is the best!

        Release Time:2021-12-01 08:49

Companionship, guaranteed admission
Strong academic team, prestigious offers
Authentic California Educational Experience
It's Qingdao Pegasus School, that's right!
Golden Autumn in October
Pegasus School's Spring Recruitment officially launched
It's another Pegasus Open Day
We want you!
On October 30th 
Qingdao Pegasus School
Open for visitors
Invite you to fully appreciate the 
Elite international school
"From Qingdao to studying abroad in California"
The promise and charm!
Special lectures, school principal's attendance
Give you full vision of Pegasus
Before participating in Pegasus Open Day
Here is the Q&A" part that you will badly want to know~
Q: What kind of school is Pegasus School? How was it founded? What is the philosophy of its education system?
Answer: Qingdao Pegasus School was established in 2016. Before that, the founder Mr. Ma Zhenyi was authorized by the former Secretary of Education of California to open a pure American international school in China. In order to allow Chinese students to break through geographical restrictions to enter the world's prestigious universities, the original intention of Pegasus was to replicate high-quality and pure international education to China. Pegasus always adheres to the educational philosophy of "Be Inspired", and is committed to cultivating international talents with cross-cultural communication capabilities for the country! Here, the students of Pegasus specially prepared a record Vlog "One Day of Growth in Pegasus" for everyone, so that you can have a visual and comprehensive understanding of our school through the video!
Question: I would also like to know, in addition to the official authorization of Pegasus School, has Pegasus's graduation certificate also obtained authoritative certification?
Answer: Yes! The graduation certificate issued by Pegasus has been certified by IEE, which provides double guarantee for graduates! Founded in 1981, International Education Evaluations (IEE) is one of the most authoritative educational evaluation institutions in the United States and a member of NACES, the American Association for Certification and Evaluation Services. At present, IEE reports are accepted by hundreds of universities and colleges in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries, the International Development Agency of the United States Office of Education, the United States Department of Labor, and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. All the diplomas issued by graduates can be checked and certified at IEE. 
Q: I heard that Pegasus School has a " Guarantee Plan for offer", can you give us a detailed introduction?
Answer: Yes, Pegasus School has strict admission standards. Students must pass paper tests, interviews and parent interviews, and finally pass the test before they can enter Pegasus. For these students, Pegasus School will work with them. Sign the agreement to guarantee admission to the top 100 universities in the United States, ensuring that every student at Pegasus can enter the top 100 high-quality universities in the United States with excellent results.
Q: It is said 100% graduates of Pegasus make it in the top 100 universities in the United States? Is that for real?  What is the achievement in offers attaining?
Answer: Yes! As you said, 100% graduates in Pegasus have got a place in the TOP100 schools in the United States! This is our pride. Since the establishment of the school, there have been graduates in 3 successive years in Pegasus. They have received more than 600 admission letters, Get 170 offers from TOP 50 universities; students from Pegasus have won the offer from British top 10 colleges and universities; and graduates of Pegasus are guaranteed admission from Canada Universities, University of Toronto, Canada's top university. Among them, there are many of the top 40 universities in the United States such as the University of California system, Vanderbilt University, University of Southern California, and Carnegie Mellon University. Among the 2021 students who just graduated, 33% of them were admitted to the top 30 universities in the United States, 67% of the graduates were admitted to the top 40 universities in the United States; 100% were admitted to the top 63 universities in the United States, once again refreshing the school's prestigious admission rate!
Q: What does Pegasus’ classroom look like?
Answer: The classroom of Pegasus School adopts a small class pattern with full English interactive teaching mode. The students’ experience in class is exactly the same as that of American high school classrooms. Pegasus pays great attention to cultivating students' critical thinking ability and teamwork ability. , Disciplinary literacy and the expansion of international vision. In the classroom, the teacher will lead the students to conduct group discussions, classroom lectures, scientific experiments and other diversified learning methods, so that students can adapt to the study life of American universities as soon as possible.
Q: Pegasus’s class is really fun! Believe that in such a class, you will not feel boring, so the teachers at Pegasus must be very good, right?
Answer: Yes, that's right! The strength of teachers is the cornerstone of school education, and Pegasus’s selection of teachers can be said to be “one in a million”! Every teacher at Pegasus is personally assessed and selected by the school's academic principal to ensure that each teacher is an expert teacher with a reputation in his own field, with more than 10 years of education experience, and an official certification. In addition, they will continue to commit to professional development through seminars and special projects held around the world.
Q: Can you introduce Pegasus’s courses and teaching materials?
Answer: Pegasus adopts the California high school curriculum system. In addition to using the "authentic" California high school original textbooks, the school also offers a number of compulsory, elective, and AP courses to give students the right to make their own choices. Meet the requirements for graduation the same way as California high school. In addition, the school also offers ELD special language intensive courses, American literature, history and government courses, which can allow students to quickly improve their English skills and enhance their cross-cultural awareness, so as to better integrate into American universities
Question: I know that there are other international high schools in China that use A-level and IB curriculum systems. Compared with these, what are the advantages of the California A-G curriculum?
Answer: Yes, like the courses you mentioned above, California's curriculum system is also recognized by universities around the world, especially California universities in the United States. They will particularly recognize California high school courses. Therefore, compared to other international schools with other curriculum systems, the rate of Pegasus student enrollment in Universities in California is outstanding in Qingdao and even in Shandong as a whole! Up to now, graduates of Pegasus School in 3 successive years have received more than 150 offers from the Universities in California, among which are the top 40 universities, 25 from the University of California, Santa Barbara, 33 from the University of California, Irvine, and University of California. 30 from Davis, 12 from the University of California, San Diego, and 1 from the University of California, Los Angeles! The total number exceeds 100!
Question: After reading your introduction, I really have a different understanding of Pegasus! So how do I make an appointment to register for the campus open day on October 30?
Answer: Of course, I want to say too much about Pegasus, and the space is limited. For more content such as student management, school life and school hardware facilities, you still need to check it out yourself! How to make an appointment for registration? Long press to identify the QR code of the picture below to sign up!
Scan the QR code below to make an appointment for Pegasus Open Day.