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Pegasus highlights of this week(5.30-6.2)

        Release Time:2022-06-02 14:53

Mr. Profatilov’s classes: 
1. Start-up company business project: finalizing your business plan. 
2. Nash Equillibrium analysis cont. 
3.Imperfect Competition, Oligopolistic and Monopolistic Competition, Modeling Labor Preferences 
4. European History Capstone project: presenting your list of secondary sources. 
5. Team based research on the Crusader Orders: Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights, and Documents relating to the Baltic Crusade 1199-1266 presentations.
For Geometry, we will have chapter6 test and start chapter7, For A2, we will finish chapter6, then start final exam review.
Biology: Quantifying Fermentat and Test on Cellular Respiration.
Chemistry: Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom and Energy. Relationships.
AP Chemistry: Specific Heat Lab using a Redox Reaction and Identifying an Unknown based on data and observations.
AP Chinese: Next week we will contine discussing how and why climate changling ? Become more aware of the causes of Climate change and their effects on the world. What we can do to help prevent climate change ? Be invlolved in dicussing climate change and ways to to prevent it.
History: Seniors will complete the chapter quizzes and begin reviewing for the final exam. Juniors will learn about WWII.