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The Mid-Term Award Ceremony of 2nd Semester 2021-2022 & The Inaugural Ceremony of the First Off-campus Mentor Group & Launching Ceremony of the Sports Month Superbly Held!

        Release Time:2022-06-01 14:40

“Brave the Winds & Waves, Together for A Shared Future”, on the afternoon of April 29, the Mid-Term Award Ceremony of 2nd Semester 2021-2022 & The Inaugural Ceremony of the First Off-campus Mentor Group & Launching Ceremony of the Sports Month were successfully held in the PCS auditorium, where all the faculty as well as students stayed together and witnessed this significant moment.

The academic headmaster, Mr. Steven Szatynski presided over the ceremony and made a summary of the school year. Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder and CEO of the school, Ms. Zhou Xiaoli, the honorary chief headmaster and chairman of the School Leadership Committee, Zhu Junru and Xiao Leyan, the representatives of outstanding students, as well as Ms. Lv Qian, the representative of off-campus mentors, respectively gave English speeches during the ceremony. 

Speech of Founder & CEO
Currently staying in the United States, Mr. Ma Zhenyi gave his online speech: I am very happy to join you on such an important day at the new campus and glad to see PCS is getting better and more united with the joint efforts of all teachers and students. Among all the international schools in Shandong or even in the whole country, PCS is one of the few that insist on the all-English education environment. This year, our grade 12 students have also achieved excellent results. I am proud of all of you!

I hope that, under the influence of PCS education, our students can be honest, brave in pursuing themselves, willing to help others with a clear self-cognition. Meanwhile, congratulate the students who won the academic awards today. I hope you make persistent efforts and bravely pursue your next dreams in the future.
At the same time, I am also very grateful to all the off-campus experts and mentors who can contribute their part to the development of Pegasus and the growth of students. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, PCS will be better in helping more Chinese students go to the world!

Speech of Honorary Chief Principal & Chairman of School Leadership Committee 
Ms. Zhou: Today is an important day for Pegasus after moving to the new campus, is a day with joy and happiness, a day of sharing achievements and celebration together!
Since last semester, PCS has overcome various challenges and difficulties. We are so delighted to see that the students have shown the strong enterprising spirit, the academic team has demonstrated the ability to adapt to changes in teaching and research, the school’s management team has proved their extraordinary ability of collaboration, leadership as well as management and operation. Now the new campus is thriving with various college offers coming one after another, the students are full of vitality, and the teaching as well as management level is rapidly improving, which certainly proves that PCS is a brave and invincible school!
Congratulations to the students who have received awards today, bravo to you! Congratulations to the teachers for their hard work and wisdom during this special period! Also congratulations to the parents and colleagues for escorting the achievements of the students and continuously working hard! At the same time, I also cheer for the students who will be honored at the next awards ceremony, looking forward to seeing your bright smiles on the next stage!
Today, the inaugural ceremony of the first off-campus mentor group will be held and it will become an additional booster for the school’s common teaching to promote student development, which means that the school has created a broader and more dimensional platform of students’ life growth and academic education.

Summary of the Academic Year
Mr. Steven Szatynski, the academic headmaster made a summary of the academic year. He said: In the past year, the PCS students have achieved outstanding results both in domestic competitions, standardized scores, and overseas college application.
In the 2022 application season, grade 12 students have won offers from various world well-known colleges including the TOP14 - Washington University in St. Louis, TOP22 - University of California, Berkeley, TOP25 - University of Virginia, TOP27 - University of Southern California Film School, TOP28 - New York University (8 offers), TOP38 - University of California, Davis (16 offers), etc.

△Performance of the School Band during Awards
Academic Awarding Ceremony
In the past few months, the students have experienced a new life, gained valuable knowledge and priceless friendship, and learned how to work hard and make progress. “Make efforts in time and keep forging ahead”, today’s achievements are the rewards of yesterday’s efforts, and today’s glory is the ladder of tomorrow’s success! I believe that through this awarding ceremony, all PCS students can be encouraged to achieve greater self-transcendence in the future!
Excellence Award in Sciences: This award recognizes students who have achieved outstanding results in scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology and physics.

Excellence Award in Mathematics: This award recognizes students who have achieved excellence in mathematical subject areas including Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus AB/BC.
Excellence Award in Social Studies: This award recognizes students who have achieved outstanding results in social studies subject areas, including history courses, economics, government and psychology.
Excellence Award in English Subjects: This award recognizes students who excel in the English Language Arts subject area.
Progress Award: This award recognizes students who have made significant progress in their academic performance from the start of the school year to today.
Leadership Award: This award recognizes students who exceed expectations in improving themselves and help others at school, demonstrate the leadership ability in their respective classes, clubs and social circles.
Speech of Excellent Students’ Representatives
Zhu Junru and Xiao Leyan said: We are very grateful to everyone for being here today, and honored to be the students’ representatives as well. The awarding ceremony is considered the one of the most precious moment in the school year, which provides us with an opportunity to look back on the previous and share what we have accomplished.
The pandemic brought us with extraordinary challenges, disrupting our lives and causing great inconvenience. We have experienced isolation, confusion and uncertainty. In this crisis, however, we have dealt with these challenges with courage and determination, and are truly proud of our performance in this period.
We have not only demonstrated our excellent academic ability, but also played a leading role in a wide range of abilities such as leadership and organization with students who have excellent performance in every academic area including maths, English, history, music and more as well. We show what we have learned in each area and bring proud pride to ourselves, our parents and our school, proving that we are the best PCS students.
We share the responsibility for the future and development of this generation, striving to succeed in learning and life: focus, work hard, and be the best version of ourselves. Please allow us to congratulate everyone who has accomplished excellent performance in this year, and thanks to everyone who has been supporting us.
“Embrace the Off-campus Mentors, cultivate global citizens together”
The First Off-campus Mentor Group Established
For the more comprehensive development of PCS students, starting from the new semester of 2022, the school is planning to establish an off-campus tutor team on the basis of the existing academic teachers, program leaders, and administrative operation teams, which is an innovative measure to promote the overall quality of students in academic development and student training.
PCS is looking for elites in various professional fields covering science, business, finance, culture and others among current students and parents, universities and enterprises to form an off-campus tutor team, aiming to assist PCS students to develop more comprehensively with higher quality and become true global citizens with international vision and professional talents through the guidance of integration of thinking and culture, career development.
The First PCS Off-campus Mentor Group Established
Ms. Annie, Chairman of the Global Home-School Alliance, Mr. Wang Sihai, and heads of school departments issued the appointment certificates to the excellent mentors.

Introduction of the First Off-campus Mentor Group 
Mentors of Scientific Thinking

Mentors of Business and Economic Management

Mentors of International language and Cross-culture Communication

Mentors of Career Exploration and Development

Speech of Off-campus Mentors
Ms. Lv Qian: Thanks to the school for inviting me to this beautiful ceremony. I am honored to be one of the first PCS off-campus mentors.
The students are at a critical moment in their lives right now. They are fighting to get into the world’s top universities, while also going through the transition from adolescence to adulthood. At the same time, with the advancement of science and technology, the world is also undergoing rapid evolution. Especially since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, the concept of “citizenship of the world” has become prominent again, and the future of the world depends on the education we provide today. The required talents are not only skilled, but also visionary and honest, and PCS educational practice in nurturing such talent is admirable.
Our theme today is “Embrace off-campus Mentors, Cultivate global Citizens Together”. This first off-campus mentor group includes alumni parents, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all walks of life, especially from the emerging industries, such as AI, VR and so on. We are willing to collaborate with the faculties, students, and parents to contribute our life experiences or expertise as a small jigsaw of the ‘big picture’ of the real life, off the textbook. We are also willing to learn from you, the students, because you represent our common future. 
Enjoy Hiking, Enjoy Yourself
May - Sports Month Launched
In May, the sun is bright and everything is full of vitality. In order to enrich the students’ campus life, improve their physical health, and cultivate the awareness, skills, interests and habits of physical exercise, the PCS “Enjoy Hiking, Enjoy Yourself” sports month in May is officially launched. All the teams are assembled with full of confidence and preparation!


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