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Headmaster's Message

Education is the most reliable path to creating a better future; at Pegasus we work tirelessly to ensure that our students have the tools and knowledge to realize that better future. Our campus is unique in China for several reasons. Firstly, our school academic building is 100% an English only environment. Student’s use English in the classroom with their teachers, and more importantly use English with each other. Another reason our campus is unique is because of our entirely foreign staff. Each and every teacher is an experienced content expert from abroad, they know and understand the western education culture and expectations which they impart onto our students. We offer our students a rich and demanding curriculum that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  Outside the classroom, we encourage students to participate in activities, various clubs, and engage in the world beyond our classrooms through outdoor trips and educational travel.
I’ve been living and working in China for over ten years and I’ve found that there is an amazing opportunity for mixing the Western and Chinese education philosophy. From creating high expectations, giving positive reinforcement, enforcing rules in a strict manner,Pegasus is an incredible school that prepares students for an elite university in the West. I have such high hopes not only for Pegasus’ future, but for the future of all students who wish to join the Pegasus family. Please come and join, we are waiting for you!