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Headmaster's Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Pegasus California School as you embark on a very important decision that your family will make in regards to where best to educate your son or daughter.  There are perhaps three important questions to ask: How does the school align with my values? Will the school's curriculum prepare my child for future success? Does the school place the student's needs first? As an educator, I firmly believe that the answers to these questions should be fully considered.
This is a school that has, as its foundation, the principle of providing an authentic American education in China and offers a full range of courses with a strong community of willing and engaged learners, and dedicated teachers who strive to do their very best.
 The community at Pegasus is one that prides itself on the strong relationships that are formed. There is a strong pastoral and academic team that promotes a strong sense of inclusion and care for students - and it shows, for students display a keenness to learn and interest in being the best ambassadors for the school.  We also recognize the importance of students having their voice in matters of education with an associated student body that ensures that they have an opportunity to impact on academic decisions. They are actively engaged in student leadership and both plan and lead activities beyond academics, covering sports, team building activities and special events. This enrichment speaks highly of how students contribute to the positive work of the school.
Through our vision we recognize that PCS offers a student centered community that fosters personal excellence with critical and creative thought and  international perspective.We educate our students to achieve their full potential in intellect, character and leadership, with respect and understanding of their Chinese culture within an International school setting.
Firstly as an English-only school, it offers a learning environment that ensures optimal development of the target language by using English with their teachers, and with each other. Secondly, it offers a rich and varied curriculum with high levels of student support. With a wide range of courses, and language pathways to support them during their time with us, opportunities are given to peruse topics and undertake projects that excite them.
Second, our school has the following as its core values: Respect, Creativity, Responsibility, Leadership, Achievement. The first four values are about how students should achieve to the best of their ability and the last one is about what is expected of our Pegasus Education. These lead us to our school motto "Be Inspired" and all of these fine principles are central to our learning culture and understanding of how we want to shape our students.
We know that parents want the very best for their child – a school where they will achieve academic excellence and develop the essential social and life skills needed for their future success. I am delighted to have the privilege of leading PCS because it's values align with my personal belief and experiences that the power of education can transform students’ lives.
With that, there is  a wonderfully committed group of educators recruited from around the world who firmly believe in the culture of respect and care based on clear routines of listening to each other, promoting inclusivity and learning effectiveness.
 We will nurture and encourage our students to seek opportunities for higher education in prestigious universities overseas, which will enable them to further develop their potential and realise their dreams. In addition, we aim to enable our students to become ambassadors for China in the global environment in which they will live and work in the future. They will also become role models and support the development of China into an even greater nation with a global, international and entrepreneurial outlook, as they embrace change  with drive and resilience.
Ultimately, I hope that each of our students will leave us as responsible and capable adults; able to lead others by remaining true to our values and becoming the best they can be in a global environment. Students can look back on their education at Pegasus with some great learning experiences, made friends for life and be able to use the courage and determination practiced, together with the formal knowledge and skills they have acquired, to make their mark on a more complex world outside of the school walls.
Do come and visit us on our next open day. Our staff and students will be delighted to welcome you.