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Walk into Pegasus Witty Classes

        Release Time:2020-07-30 17:10

Since the school was founded in 2016, The two classes of graduates have achieved amazing acceptances to universities. Thirty-nine percent of the class of 2019 were admitted to the top 30 universities; Seventy-five percent of graduates are admitted to the top 50 universities in the country; 100% of graduates are admitted to the top 85 universities in the U.S.; Twenty percent of the class of 2020 were admitted to the top 30 U.S. universities; Seventy-two percent of graduates were admitted to the top 50 universities in the U.S. Ninety-three percent of graduates are admitted to the top 65 universities in the U.S. 100% of graduates are admitted to the top 90 universities in the U.S.; Broke the records of international high schools at the same time! So what kind of teaching mode makes Pegasus students achieve such proud results? Today, let's go into Pegasus witty class.
AP Environmental Science class: 

A Personal Immersive Experience and Creating a Natural Eecological Circle


The environmental science class has always been popular with students at Pegasus. In order to let students understand the ecosystem, the teacher asks the students to create a natural ecological circle and build a harmonious ecological environment according to their own understanding of different ecosystems. Students personally go deep into every detail of the ecological circle and have a personal immersive experience from the micro world to the macro world and have a more thorough understanding of the vastness and mystery of the ecosystem.

Biology class:

Banana Anatomy and Learning about Biological Tissues

Do you like bananas? Do you know what kind of biological tissue bananas have? The biology banana anatomy class takes the students into the inner world of bananas. The toothpicks are marked different colors and functions with colored pens and the bananas are dissected with "scalpel " and the marked toothpicks are inserted into different positions of the bananas and the bananas are used as life to explore biological tissues.

Physic class:

Falling Egg Device and Exploring Structural Mechanics

The boring physics subject always deters the children, but the students enjoy it in Pegasus physics class. In physics class, students make "egg protection devices" with different shapes and structures by themselves. At different heights, eggs fall freely under the protection of the protective device. Comparing which "protective device" can let eggs fall from a higher height and remain intact. Through hands-on practice, students can learn more about structural mechanics in physics

English class:

Discovering Yourself and Exploring Your Inner World

Pegasus English class has never been just a simple English language learning and every English class is combined with other subjects. In English class, the teacher leads the children to read literature, hoping that the children will find their true self from the literature. A half part of the student works is the photo of himself or herself presented to the public and the other part of the work is to draw the self they understand about herself or himself or his or her expectations. The combination of literature and art allows students to study the multifaceted nature of people in literary works and to show their inner world in art works.

World History Class: 

Character Substitution and a Letter from the Front Line


World history events must be the familiar stories, but we all try to feel from the text to feel the impact and harm of war to people. In Pegasus' world history class, the teacher asks the students to imagine themselves as a member of the war line. In the face of war, they write a letter to their families through different angles and positions. Through the way of role substitution, let children feel the history of the world, feel the historical events, feel the war, but also feel the impact and harm of war to people.

World History Class:

Flying through time and Taking historical celebrities to tour Qingdao



In order to let children know more about historical celebrities, the personality characteristics of the world history celebrities and the stories that happened to them. The teacher specially designs a unique history class. The children choose the world history celebrities and take them to fly through time and come to today's Qingdao. Through learning about the personality and characteristics of historical celebrities and historical events at that time, take them into today's Qingdao and see what kind of tour story will happen.

Art class:

Celebrity Murals and Decorating Art Campus 

Art teachers in guiding children to create their own views. In addition to teaching the usual art theory and creation of art, the art teacher takes the children to decorate every corner of the campus. He asks the children to choose their favorite celebrities, draw them on the walls of the hallway, decorate the campus and create the "celebrity effect" to learn from their favorite celebrities.

AP music theory class:

Independent Creation and Being their Own Musician

Pegasus music class has been favored by many children. Whether it's a student with certain basic skills or a complete beginner, the children find confidence in the music teacher's class. By studying AP music theory, in the mid-term final exam, children are asked to create a piece of music and report on the performance. In ordinary music classes, the teacher guides children to use music makers, adding different instruments and music elements to create a piece of music they like. The original intention of the music teacher is to popularize the theory to the students, let the students display a greater potential and be their own musicians.

AP computer science class:

Working with Adequate Rest and Pegasus campus Game Day

Enjoy playing games is the nature of children, then Pegasus uses the nature of children through computer science classes to let children design their own games and give children a public game entertainment time, Share their games with teachers and students on this day, play games on game day and devote themselves to study. Under the hosting and guidance of the teacher and the children are confident in their own design of the game, other students are also actively involved in challenging each other’s games. Holding regular Game Days is not only to hope that children will show their design results at school, but also to hope that children will get entertainment and rest in their busy study life. Through each small game, let the children deepen  communications with each other.

Chemistry Class:

Scientific Experiments and Using Practice to Verify the Reaction of Materials

Each chemistry class at Pegasus is accompanied by corresponding experiments.  Under the guidance of the chemistry teacher, the students dressed in lab gowns react the clean magnesium belt with oxygen in the air and experiment repeatedly to determine the proportion and finally draw a conclusion. The Chemistry teacher believes that the penetration of scientific knowledge must be verified from practice by students themselves.