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"Excellence" was born from here! Have you ever seen a class like this?

        Release Time:2020-11-13 17:41

Since its establishment in 2016, Pegasus California School has had two classes of graduates, who have received more than 460 offers and gained 100% acceptance to famous universities. 
Such impressive results have been achieved thanks to the highly-qualified faculty selected from the world as well as its seamless academic system with British and American universities. As the saying goes, see the essence through the fact .In addition to the above elements, as for the true level of education in an international school and the core spirit of educating students, we should go to the classroom to have a look. 
In order to make students better and earlier familiar with the future college life and maximize the potential of students, Pegasus always regards "Be Inspired" as the guiding concept of education, adopting a completely open, English Only and pure American classroom. In addition to knowledge, Pegasus will also maximize students' creativity, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork of the high school students. So let’s not say much and take a close look at the class at Pegasus today!

History Class
Mrs. Millam

Class content: the United States was oppressed by Britain before independence. In this case, the colonized Americans were divided into three main schools: loyalists (defending British rule and protecting their own interests), neutrals, patriots (opposing colonial oppression and striving for independence). History class will take this historical fact as the starting point. Led by Mrs. Millam, the students should choose the loyal school or the patriotic school and make a work of art in order to express their position.

Selected Students' Works and Interpretation

Video production, editing, dubbing: by Maggie
I made this bowl  which reflects the Boston Massacre from the perspective of a patriot. A black gun was curved to convey how colonists died. Bloodstains splashed on the whole bowl. For the lip part of the bowl, instead of a normal coil, I made five triangles numbered through one to five indicating that five colonists died under the guns of the British soldiers. I appeal to all colonists to be patriots and to be united as one so that we are able to rebel Britain. When people are using this bowl, they should realize that they must stand out to stop all those ridiculous acts and the brutal killing.  
by Krinna

In fact, the creation of this lantern is also accidental. I wanted to show it in the form of crystal glue, but the material was not mailed on time, so I had to start with the existing material and turned my eyes to the lanterns in the garbage heap. But the lantern has nothing to do with our theme and the effect is not ideal, so I asked Frida for help. After a brainstorming, we stumbled upon the lantern as part of the kettle and the teapot matched the theme of our Tea Act this, so I started. I regard myself as a patriot and speak for myself during the making process. I put a lot of stickers on the part of the pot, which were some pictures of the British oppressed colonists at that time. Let the colonists always remember the tyranny of England and understand that only their own independence can achieve real freedom. The red blood on it refers to the life lost in the Boston massacre. Tell people that war requires bloodshed, but silence will only make tragedy happen again. Those patterns are representative. For example, eagles symbolize freedom, teapots symbolize Tea Act oppression of North American tea merchants and snakes symbolize the unity of colonists.

by Vivian


Join or Die, a slogan from Benjamin Franklin, sends out a plea to all the colonies to assemble and become independent, and as it being the main slogan of this piece, I felt that it represents a call to true independence for America. The logo on the front of the shirt, FTD, symbolizes Final, The, and Day, which means that respectively, no one knows the outcome as they choose to embark on their campaign for independence, the result may be people enjoying a new day with sunshine and independence, it may very well be their dream sinking down to the bottom of the ocean with infinite darkness. And as an final emotional experience to everyone that had experienced these events, it comes out to one slogen: "The Final Day". This part of history is enough to resonate with any nation in the world, as always, forming the nation from scattering to gathering to all citizens symbolizes the rise of the country. The Seven Years War painting at the bottom of the back represents the scene where it all began, and the red colored letters on the back of the shirt explain the history contained in the phrase, As red represents the sweat and blood of the people who fought for independence, the final result didn’t waste the live and hurt from them. For any country, independence is always the ultimate goal, and America has done it in this revolution from every Patriot that should be respected.

by Leo

I would choose the patriot side in the Boston Massacre period and I would like to use the fabric-based drawing to transferred my opinion. because I think drawing clothes is an effective way to convey my message.

I'm describing the Boston Massacre of 1770, where the British were so fed up with the United States because they kept asking for taxes on many everyday items, that the Americans chose to protest. Because people were so angry, someone hit the British soldiers with a snowball, but the British soldiers actually killed five people with their guns!!!! I feel very unfair for the Americans, they are defending their just rights, but the Americans not only didn't get any apology from Britain or adjustment of the system, but the British soldiers killed five innocent Americans in the struggle. I think that is very unfair, and I am outraged. That's why I made this shirt,on the front of the shirt, I have a gorgeous skull, which symbolizes death and British oppression and cruelty to the United States. On the top of the skull, I drew a forbidden symbol, which means No. under the skull, I wrote "freedom", just like the United States at that time, they need real freedom, not be controlled by Britain. On the reverse side of the dress, I drew a picture of five dead people on the ground, symbolizing the five people who died in the Holocaust. Next to the picture are some blood fingerprints, symbolizing the determination of Americans to defend their freedom and the pain and struggle in their lives. I also cut some small holes in my clothes, which represented the harm suffered by many Americans, and the tax burden at that time made their life hard.

I will show it to British and Neutral, I want the British to always think of what they've done to America when they see this shirt and not have it happen again. People should be equal to each other and there should be no bullying or ordering. When neutrals see it they should feel what Americans are going through, and they can also act as a kind of watchdog to make sure America doesn't get bullied again.

by Emily


The red dye indicates that the war is bound to bleed. Five warheads on the badge indicate that five people are dead. Sven bullet holes indicate that a total of seven shots have been fired. The overall meaning is that it is time to revolt, waiting to die is not the right way.
by Peter

English Class

Mr. Briggs

Class content: this is Tuesday morning. Led by Mr. Briggs, students take the topic of "stretch and challenge" as the topic and work in groups. Students use their favorite media tools to build their literary mind map and share it through making speeches. Mr. Briggs says that all students are completely immersed in spoken English and the activities help to cultivate students' real sense of cooperation. Students with poor speech-making ability are encouraged and practiced a lot. Through the exploration and sharing of the subject, students gradually have the ability and quality to solve problems outside the classroom.

 Government Class

Mr. Ellaia


Class content: in AP Government class, led by Mr. Ellaia, the students presented the cases of the government department power mentioned in the U.S. Constitution on and explained which part of the Constitution could apply to the case.