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Be Grateful for going through all things together in 2020!

        Release Time:2020-12-31 15:53

A new year has started and everything is new. 2020 came to an end quietly with the footsteps of Pegasus people. This year is "cold", but Pegasus people still feel warm - with challenges in this turbulent year, also let us wipe again our dream, valiant back on track, we take root in this piece of land full of passion and hope, fearless of every test and difficulty !
On the last day of 2020, at the beginning of the New Year, we will wash away the dust together with everyone, open our hearts, and recollect what we have gone through together in 2020. We believe that every seed that has crossed the winter will grow strongly in the warm spring!
January-February: Fight against the pandemic together
Over a semester busy learning, Pegasus students also had the long-awaited Spring Festival holiday, but the subsequent COVID-19 broke the peace of the spring, in the face of the sudden unknown outbreak, Pegasus always gives priority to the student's health and safety, setting up the COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control group within the shortest time and issuing a series of pandemic prevention and protection information and countermeasures, strengthening the awareness of self protection and taking effective protective measures to ensure the physical and mental health.
< A Letter to Parents on COVID-19 Prevention from Pegasus>
In February this year, the epidemic reached its peak with a rapid increase of confirmed cases. The anti-epidemic situation in Wuhan affected the emotion of all Chinese people. At the critical moment when the whole nation was united in fighting against the epidemic, Pegasus students were also contributing their strength. With the help of the school, Pegasus Racing Car Club (PCS IR) was proactive in launching a fundraising initiative. The Dubbing Club also urged students to make anti-epidemic videos and VLOG to join the anti-epidemic support in Wuhan.
 Vlogs made by the students
March: shift to online mode, overcome difficulties
An epidemic disrupted the original planning and rhythm, the school could not open, the standardized exam was cancelled, since the end of February, Pegasus "online thinking and sharing" presentation was held online urgently. We invite outstanding graduates, our counselor and senior teachers who are experienced about studying abroad, outstanding students and their parents to give explanations on topics that are of interest to them, such as study abroad policy trends, reasonable study planning and international school choice from junior high school to senior high school. A wonderful feast of ideas, full of valuable guidance!
In addition, the school also offered an online "English Corner" as a public interest class. The pandemic has changed the previous life rhythm, and infiltrating learning atmosphere is especially important for language learning. Pegasus provides students of Grade7-9 with free online interactive English learning courses: online English corner, aiming to help high school students continue English learning at home through online platform in this special period and hoping that the students can have access to pure English without leaving home!
In March, the school started its autumn recruitment. Steven Ma, the founder of the school, and Ms. Echo Wang, HQ director of operations, came to the stage from behind the scenes to talk about the international education plan with parents. The first online Open House was also held on March 28 as scheduled. 
April: Precise epidemic prevention drill, campus dormitory renovation
Spring is coming quietly, and the epidemic has been brought under control under the joint efforts of the whole country. In order to welcome the students' return, the school carried out a precise drill on pandemic prevention during this period. In addition to preparing sufficient epidemic prevention materials, all areas of the school were also disinfected.
During this period, the school also carried out a comprehensive rectification and renovation of the campus safety protection, vegetation greening, dormitory environment and cafeteria environment in order to create a more warm and tidy "home" for the children.
May: Shining at the Shandong International Education Network Summit Forum
From May 23 to 24, a large number of celebrities attended 2020 Shandong International Education Network Summit Forum. During this period, Steven Ma, the founder of Pegasus, delivered a keynote speech on "How to Enlighten Children's Potential". The current academic principal, Mr. Robert Taylor, and two of his students, Andy Tian and Nicole Zhang, also became the guest at the studio to explain the differences of Pegasus through their own experiences. Ms. Echo Wang, the current Operational Director, was invited to participate in the roundtable forum. Kevin Li, a student, shared his experience of studying at Pegasus.

June: Back to school, graduation season, offer results shine!
On June 7, 2020, Pegasus students finally returned to their long-awaited campus. With the eye-catching welcoming sign at the school gate, the warm sunshade, the clean and tidy campus and the orderly epidemic prevention, the school teachers are ready to welcome the children home early. Since the morning of 6th, students from other provinces have returned to school in succession. The teachers welcomed the children at the school gate and did not slack off in the epidemic prevention. It was extremely hot in Qingdao that day, but the children were eager to return to school.

On June 19, 44 graduates from the class of 2020 l completed the warm and touching graduation ceremony under the eyes of their parents and teachers. It's an era that saying goodbye is popular, but we're all bad at saying goodbye. Every year in June is the parting season. Many people in the fragrance of gardenia ushered in the graduation. At Pegasus, there may be something you haven't said, which is about the past, youth and the future. Only wish this journey is full of flowers and everything is the same when we meet again.

Forty-four graduates of Class of 2020 have completed their high school careers. They live up to the expectations of the public with proud achievements to gain their own favorite world prestigious offers. Of the 260+ offers, 20 percent of students were accepted to the top 30 universities, 72 percent to the top 50, 93 percent to the top 65, and 100 percent to the top 90.The acceptance to University of California system was even more successful: Irvine (15), Davis (14), Santa Barbara (11), San Diego (five), Santa Cruz (four) and Riverside (three).
In addition, the University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, Boston College, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Sydney, University of Toronto, Parsons School of Design, New York School of Visual Arts and so on.
July-August: Upgrade the brand to improve the competitiveness of students
In order to further implement the localization strategy, strengthen the communication with the competent units at all levels, and run schools in accordance with the law; In order to fully expand the overseas study channels including but not limited to the United States, to provide students with more quality overseas study resources and channels; In order to further strengthen the Chinese education for students, Pegasus has carried out a comprehensive brand upgrade in August ,2020.
Mr. Tom Torlakson, former California superintendent of Public Education, will take over as chief principal. During his eight years in office, he has overseen 300,000 teachers, 1,050 public school districts, and 7 million students in California. He has a wide range of resources and connections that will help Pegasus achieve even higher results.
Pegasus introduced a number of practical high quality resources which can improve the student's comprehensive ability, especially in the aspect of how to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of students to apply for the international famous universities. Pegasus is not only allied with a well-known US high school "Pacific Academy”, and also introduced the "APRU" course from the university of California, Irvine and "FIRE" scientific research project.
 Pacific Academy
September: The Fourth Patent Committee was established
Since the establishment of the school, Pegasus has always adhered to the concept of school, family and society as a trinity of education, attaches great importance to maintaining positive interaction with parents and builds a home-school co-education platform. On the afternoon of September 6, 2020, the 4th founding meeting and the first working meeting of Pegasus Parents Committee was held grandly. Steven Ma, the founder of Pegasus, participated in the whole meeting by connecting with the parents via video.
On the same day, the meeting elected the chairman of the fourth Parent Committee and other members. The new members and parent representatives communicated with the school management team on academic curriculum, student management, activity development, enrollment at the universities and other fields. The school will continue to work closely with the new Patent Committee to effectively integrate social forces to serve and cultivate good students.
October: sudden change of the epidemic, APRU course started online, Halloween carnival
After National Day, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in Qingdao on a small scale. The teachers and students of the school united in good faith and responded quickly. They immediately contacted relevant departments such as the epidemic headquarters, the Education and Sports Bureau and the community and completed the nucleic acid test on the night of October 12. Within 48 hours, they received the test results -- all negative! The school organized orderly, close cooperation with practical actions to explain that the unity is strength!
The APRU project done by Pegasus with the University of California, Riverside, finally kicked off in October! The program aims to help students learn more about the experience of living in the United States and studying at an American research university. In ZOOM's classroom, students interact with teachers from Riverside to learn about the American university system, classroom activities and acculturation as well as how to choose majors and develop careers.
Every year Halloween is a festival that makes teachers and students happy and joyful. You can practice making hand-carved pumpkins, dress up arbitrarily, collect the teacher's mobile phones in the name of a game and play trick or treat to have candy! In addition to the traditional activities -- decorating the campus and carving pumpkins and dressing up, this year's Halloween also featured a performance where students performed their best singing and dancing skills on stage. Graduates who were unable to study abroad because of the outbreak of the pandemic also came back to perform at school, greatly livening up the Halloween show atmosphere!
November: Thanksgiving Party, Sina Education Ceremony, International School Ranking by got to a new height
On November 26, 2020, sponsored by Sina education "the power of education, 2020" China education festival and Sina education 20thanniversary celebration was held in Beijing. Pegasus attended the event and as a nominated brand, winning the “Reputation Influential International School 2020" award. Pegasus Operational Director, Echo Wang attended the meeting and received the award.
Pegasus California School is an international high school authorized by the former education secretary of California with the official support and recognition. On the latest ranking list of 2020 China's strong international high school released website Pegasus was ranked No. one among all the Qingdao high schools and ranked No. four among all Shandong Province (top three are all public schools) and ranked No. 61 nationwide and up five places than last year! is an independent third-party evaluation agency for international education based on big data analysis. In order to meet the criteria of the list, data is true. First of all, has carried out related cutting in terms of interests. Since the compilation of the list, has not carried out any commercial cooperation with any school and has maintained the neutrality and independence of the evaluation.
On November 24th, the theme of Being Grateful" Parent Teacher Student Thank you Party & Dinner came to a successful conclusion. The wonderful performance showed the youth of the students.
December: Christmas evening Gala, NSDA stars shine, application season gets underway
On the evening of December 22nd, accompanied by the ringing of the bell on the neck of the elk, the 2020 Christmas evening gala of Pegasus arrived again as scheduled. Even in the cold of winter, the strong atmosphere of Christmas still makes people warm: campus decorations full of Christmas atmosphere; The moving posture at the party and sweet melody.....The wonderful performance from the teachers and students of the school lit up the happy, warm and fairy tale Christmas night of Pegasus people!

On December 12th, the 2020-2021 season NSDA China Qingdao Division Debate Competition came to an end. 10 students from Pegasus participated in the competition. Sarah's team won the champion of the debate competition of the high school group. Evan and Joseph's team won the third place. Amy won the title of best debater for her outstanding performance. Helen, Bella, Cici, Kevin, Charles and other students also performed well in the competition. Peng Xin served as a volunteer throughout the competition.
Grade 12 students are currently preparing for the regular round of applications. ED students won the offers from Parsons School of the Arts, Art Institute of California, School of the Arts London, Pruitt College, Visual Arts of New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, Santa Clara university, Minnesota, the University of Massachusetts, Penn State University, State University of New York, etc. With a total of $121,800 scholarship.
No winter is insurmountable. No spring will never come! The extraordinary year of 2020 has left too many indelible memories in our lives and also left a clear growth path for every Pegasus person. In the coming year of 2021, we hope that everyone can move forward together in the era of great changes, fight hard to cut thorns and sail with the wind and waves in the new challenges, and make every effort live up to expectations!
Be grateful for going through all the things together in 2020. Wish you a happy New Year's Day!