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Pegasus Voice | Interview with a talented musician who was accepted into Pratt's design program, 4 years with Pegasus

        Release Time:2021-10-27 11:42

01 Art college offer bumper crop , Total scholarship over $100,000
Hello, I'm Kenny, I've been at Pegasus since 9th grade, and now I'm a 12th grade student about to graduate, if I use a few words to describe myself, first of all, I would use the word "outrageous", that's because my GPA in the past 4 years like a roller coaster from the beginning of 3.0 to 3.95 now. I have also experienced a series of rebellious, hard work process. Secondly, I would use the word "meddlesome", because I like to "meddle" with whatever comes to me, which can also be interpreted as usually worrying more about things. I have received offers from Pratt Institute of Design and Art (Fashion Design), Otis College of Design and Art, and Savannah College of Art and Design, with a total scholarship of $104,000.
02 A wide range of interests , Music production to find myself
In fact, I have many interests, thanks to my mother, she has been enrolling me in a variety of courses since I was a child, when I took many interest classes, including swimming, table tennis and even golf, because I was a rebel when I was small and did not want to go to class, often made her cry. I also have to thank my dad, he was wearing a small undershirt from the time I was more than 4 years old, the two of us at home every day to take me to put together models, my dad's crafts are really great, I was also later inculcated by him. So much so that when I got to junior high school I found that I had basically dabbled in what everyone was playing with, and I thought about what I really liked.
I bought a small music console when I was in the middle school, I thought it was cool to play dj, I also want to play dj, then in the 9th grade, I was attracted to the game, until then was influenced by a classmate, he pulled me together to try to do music, I began to try, the result was unstoppable. At that time, even in the middle of the night if I remember something I will write it down. Until we spent a long time contacting the venue to really go to the performance, I stepped on the stage at that moment I feel the whole world is mine. At that moment I was really very happy and satisfied. Some time ago our band was also invited by a friend to go to Changsha to participate in a performance.

I don't really have any advance planning before I write a song, I just write it down when something comes to my mind. Then I'll go to foreign websites or NetEase to check out the backing tracks, and when I hear something that's comfortable, I'll buy it, and then I'll take the backing tracks to continue writing. In short, I have tried all kinds of songs.
Later I think playing music may not be able to support me afterwards, after all, this field is very complicated, competition is also very fierce, I just keep it as a hobby. But in addition to music production, I thought about what I like to do and can support myself, but also thanks to my father, I thought of the piece of clothing design. It's great to think that in the future I will make a lot of nice clothes and people will wear my clothes on the street. In the future, I hope to be engaged in the direction of my major in university, which is related to fashion design.
03 Application Season Preparation , Do not delay
It is important to prepare early for the application season, I just procrastinated too much, don't learn from me. I would advise students to plan ahead and prepare early, which is also the advice of many 12th graders. For example, my TOEFL was a surprise test, and I took it for several weeks in a row for a month. I ran home every afternoon after school from Pegasus and then came back to the city to study, and finally got my TOEFL to the final requirement. It's a good thing that the school is very strict with our English, so I was able to take the test on the spot.
As for extracurricular activities, when I was in 9th grade, I started the AKG "Aural Monsters" club with my classmates, we didn't have any intentional planning at that time, just a few of us "messing around" freely, and we accidentally developed it outside of school. We also held a performance. An off-campus uncle friend used to drive us out and play the piano for people at their weddings, which we did several times. We have also performed at the music market in May Fourth Square before. The speakers at that time were not good and the people at the bottom could not hear what we were saying. We are to create happiness for others, others are happy, we are also very happy.
There was also the "Spring Concert" some time ago, which we planned and started, and although it was a small event, we all enjoyed it. I think the effect at that time was especially good because of the sudden idea of hanging three lights from the top of the stage, and the people on the stage were basically black at night, but this time the whole effect was much better after the people lit up. In short,  you must choose what you like for extracurricular activities, and then go and apply for the direction of their own combination, and then you must prepare early!
04 You'll feel "embarrassed" if you don't turn in your homework , Every teacher is very nice
I actually studied at another British international school in Qingdao for a year and transferred to Pegasus , where you have to learn by yourself, otherwise no one will help you or tell you what to learn, and you will fail the exams and end up being expelled, just like the feeling of being abandoned. At Pegasus, the learning atmosphere drives everyone's learning mood, basically everyone is learning and you feel very "embarrassed" if you don't do your homework.In fact, I am not a good student, but I am grateful to Pegasus for creating a very good and free atmosphere for us in terms of learning and interests. 
I grew up wondering who I was, I never knew what I was going to be until I came to Pegasus and I realized that anything was possible. My thoughts are sometimes very strange, I would wonder if the world would be a program, there would be another life manipulating us, but I didn't know, I thought I was doing it, I want to say that sometimes life is indeed amazing, Pegasus really gives students a lot of freedom, we can diversify development, teachers will also provide special support, where no one will say you must develop into ABC, you can discover the real you in every free attempt.
I think every teacher of Pegasus is very good, I am very grateful to Ms. Wendy, who really helped me to share a lot, I often call her when I’m sad, she is a very meticulous person; and Mr. Handi, his class made me really happy; and Mr. Julio, who helped me a lot with my drawing, he is really talented; Ms. Frida write me a recommendation letter. Although I did not take many of her classes, but I still want to thank her for helping me apply to a good university; and the previous music teacher Mrs. Meyer, she really brought me to the path of fashion design, she is really great, and she even gave me a sewing machine, without her, my fashion design may not be carried out; and math teacher Mr. Schembari, although we are not very close, but I am really grateful to him, it was his interview that got me into Pegasus , he is also a particularly responsible teacher; and the school counselor Crystal, who guided me to apply for college and took me to the summer school at UCI, she has been busy helping me, she knows each of our students very well, and is particularly professional and attentive; and my PL Amy Liu, also takes special care of me, I really appreciate them very much!
05 About classmates, friends and family , There are many more people to thank
I will take each person I consider a friend and remember well who he is and remember well the stories that happened between us.
My roommate is very nice person, we live together for 4 years, naturally need not say more, we know each other very well, often go to class together, go together to do a lot of things. It’s the real sense of brotherly friendship. Now we're about to graduate, and we're going to New York together, but this "jerk" has gone to California, so I hope everything goes well for him in the future! There is also the band my “boss” Wu, he looked after me for three years and then graduated and left, my previous ideas will be more extreme, but we got along for a long time and he let me understand that many things can be seen in a different way. He is very direct, also very active, never beat around the bush. I really like his character. He has a great influence on me. There are too many stories worth remembering.

I would like to thank my parents the most. It was really difficult when I was preparing for the application in 12th grade, I was about to graduate, and I was pressed with my portfolio. When I called my mom at that time, she told me that there will always be a room for you at home, whether you go to school later or not. As long as you can do what you like, mom will be satisfied. And she did, she would not hesitate to support me in what I liked to do.
My parents they are really sweet, my dad chased my mom when he was younger and folded a big jar of thousand paper cranes. My dad likes to do crafts, he likes to study handmade leather sewing these days. My mom just supports him to play with it, our family is kind of amazing. Sometimes it feels like my mom looks a little like my dad, and my dad will look a little like my mom. I thank them for having me as a son, and I feel especially proud to have such a mom and dad.
Finally, as we are about to graduate, we wish our 12th graders a bright future; our younger students a good study and a little less fun; and we wish Pegasus a better and better future.