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Graduation, not to say goodbye | Qingdao Pegasus School Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony was held successfully!

        Release Time:2021-10-27 09:41

Time is like a snap of the fingers, the summer and another graduation season came as promised. Standing at the bifurcation of time, we once again open the door called growth, we finally have to gradually say goodbye to our past selves, while waving goodbye, while looking forward to, even though there is a million reluctance, this is still the taste of longing. Summer is the beginning, the story is not only in the four seasons, this time, graduation, we do not say goodbye.
◆ Group photo of Qingdao Pegasus School Class of 2021 graduates
In the afternoon of June 19, the ceremony of Qingdao Pegasus School Class of 2021 was held at Qingdao International Conference Center. 3 years ago, the glory of the SCO summit had focused the eyes of the world, and today, 20 graduates of Qingdao Pegasus School Class of 2021 walked on the red carpet with their dreams, confidence and hopes, and officially entered another new chapter of their lives under the joint witness of their families and teachers.
◆ Students walk into the auditorium with their families
The giggling you, the cute you, the serious and handsome you in the classroom, the laughing you in the dormitory, the running you on the playground, the shining you on the stage... And, you who work together, you who have tears in your eyes, you who are focused, you who are sober, you who are confident and a little proud. ...... In the past four years, you have gotten to know each other, bonded, understood, and finally become the person you want to be.
The original you rubbed, did not know each other, later embraced each other, hot tears, witnessed the glory, shared the moonlight.

In the past four years, parents have witnessed the transformation of students from youth to maturity, and the leap in quality, ability and self-confidence, so why is Pegasus not another "home" for students? It is said that parents and students are constantly watching their backgrounds drift away. students's growth naturally includes separation from their parents. But there are always some words that need to be told to each other at the right time and in the right way.
◆ Parents of graduates offer their best wishes
In addition to the parents, the teachers are participants and witnesses to this process. They spend time with the students, waiting for and accompanying their growth and changes during the majority of sunrises and sunsets throughout the year. Today, four years later, the teachers call out each student's name, invite them to the stage, present them with a graduation certificate, and announce their successful graduation. Four years a round, each round is also the teacher's youthful years, precious memories, and medals of honor, and they rejoice in the growth of their students.
◆ The tasseling ceremony led by Lucy and Katerina
The Pegasus Qingdao Class of 2021 is the third class of graduates since the school was founded, and with their persistent efforts, they have inherited and continued the "excellence" and "glory" of Pegasus. 100% of the graduates were admitted to the top 63 schools in the United States, once again setting a new record! The facts speak louder than words. Qingdao Pegasus School has once again presented a "perfect answer" to the parents and colleagues who have supported and trusted the school for a long time, which is the most powerful reflection of its own teaching strength!
◆ Graduates sang graduation songs together
◆ Portraits of graduates made by Sissi
Sissi drew a cartoon image of each student, and the school printed it on a commemorative T-shirt for each graduate.
◆ Mr. Taylor, the academic principal, presented the graduation certificates to the graduates
# Graduation Message #
◆ Speech by Steven Ma, Founder of Pegasus California School
This is the third graduation ceremony I have attended at Pegasus , and although I was not able to attend in person, I want to say to you that I am still very touched by the hard work of the students and the hard work of the teachers, which has allowed you to create another year of excellent admissions results, which has not only paved the way for your future success, but also for the glory of your family and the glory of your school. This year, 100% of our students were admitted to the top 63 universities in the United States, which is a very impressive achievement. I'm sure we can all be proud of that!
But that's not the most important thing. Personally, I think what makes me feel more gratified and proud is that more important than the college application is that our students can get into a good college after graduation, I also see that you are full of hope for the future and find the direction and dream of your life, which is the rarest thing.
Many people in the world are successful thanks to the fact that they found the direction of their lives at a young age, so they put in the effort to follow their dreams, and from this I have seen these conditions in you. Every student is involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and by the time they graduate many of them have also defined their major and their dreams, which I think is the most valuable thing.
◆ Speech by Mr. Tom Torlakson, former California Secretary of Education
Congratulations to the Pegasus team! You are an amazing team of united students and faculty, each of you working hard for a bright future. I have been privileged to witness the tremendous success of Pegasus and the hard work of all of you, and I am proud of your progress and of the fact that Pegasus graduates are attending top universities around the world.
It has not been an easy journey. During the global epidemic, school was closed and you all were homebound to protect yourselves from the epidemic and take on the challenge of online learning. Thank you all for enduring all the uncertainty and showing great resilience, focus and creativity. As students, you had the support of wonderful teachers, parents, and friends to not only endure the trials of college, but to thrive on the challenges.
It gives me great pleasure to highlight the fact that 100% of you were accepted to the top 63 universities in the United States this year, so I send you my best wishes for smooth sailing, academic success and leadership in your future journey, and your future is endlessly bright!
◆ Speech by Mr. Taylor, Academic Principal
This class has set a number of milestones for Pegasus. It is the first to receive tens of thousands of dollars in art university scholarships. This year was the fastest time yet for a class to get accepted to the top schools in the United States, and it is the first to have a student apply to German universities. It was the first to get COVID tested at the beginning of the school year. It is the first to have to prove they are vaccinated to get the student visa to attend overseas schools. It is the first to have to contend with a number of new requirements just to go to school abroad.
They persevered, they kept their GPAs up, and they are ready to move on to that next step by taking their steps across this stage today. Remember there are two things in life that are important, love and never give up. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is and dig in, pursue what you love, never give up, because it is hard to beat someone who never gives up. Congratulations, Class of 2021.
◆ Sandy's speech on behalf of the outstanding graduates
The stories you make will transcend the time you're here. Remember the Allen Yang dorm flood...the old S's annual Halloween costume ...... late online class assignments ...... midnight AP exams... ...and the midnight dorm parties. As a member of ASB, I realized that our role is not only to organize events, but also to be a voice for students and communicate with the school.
Our time is over and people are falling apart, but the memories live on forever, so our time together never really ends. The future is no longer something we dream about. It is within reach of our hands. We are all authors of our own book, and now it's time to start our next chapter. Soon we will begin a new journey, meet new friends, and create new memories.
At the same time, we will face new difficulties and grow through them. However, everyone lives only once, so don't regret what you have done. Take the opportunity to find your meaning in this world and don't forget to keep every precious memory in your life. class of 2021, please continue to be the author of your own book and never look back. I hope each of us can achieve our dreams in college.
May you keep your innocence and remain kind, and meet more helpful teachers and classmates who understand and love you. May you go forward bravely without fear of difficulties, and learn and love knowledge, not only for yourself. May you love yourself and love others; work hard for your own dreams, and work as hard as you can to make more people "Be inspired".
Students, today, we are here to say goodbye. But please remember that there is a group of people at Pegasus who still love you.
This trip to the starry sea, returning as a youth!