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Parents’ Letters to Pegasus California School

        Release Time:2021-09-30 11:01

In the past graduation season, we said goodbye to 20 outstanding graduates of the class of 2021, and they are about to start their future and pursue their dreams. As for their study life at Pegasus, they rewarded their parents and family members with 100 percent acceptance to top 63 US universities. From coming to Pegasus to receiving offers from universities to finally walking on the red carpet of graduation ceremony, along all the way, the parents can feel the changes and growth of their kid most. 
On the occasion of the perfect conclusion of the 2021 application season, parents and friends from different grades have also expressed their gratitude and wishes to the school. These sincere messages are like bright stars, telling and witnessing the good intention and achievements of "home-school co-education".

The mother of Kevin H, a graduate 

Learn about a school through the students

Our son has been in public schools since childhood with medium grades, more playful. When he was in the third year of junior high school, he had more learning tasks and repeated work, which was not compatible with our educational philosophy, so we decided to send him to international schools temporarily. However, we had not paid attention to international schools before, and school choice became a very headache thing, but the new semester would start soon, so we found an old international school that has been running for more than 10 years. We felt the choice relatively correct. But after the first half of the school year, I found that the school was still somewhat unsatisfactory, such as the school spirit and teachers, and the admission results... my son's time is too precious, so our family began to invest a lot of time and energy in serious school choice. We have always been focusing mainly on four dimensions:    
 1. school spirit
2. faculty
3. mainly apply to America universities
4. distance away from home


In fact, what we care about most is school spirit. That is because adolescent children are affected by peers and surroundings greatly. There are also all kinds of negative rumors about international schools. In order to find a suitable school for him, we took advantage of all kinds of resources. We went to Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao to learn about them. Other elements of my standards are easier to quantify, but the school spirit is not easy to learn about in a short time, so every time I go to an international school, while my child was taking an exam, his father was responsible for chatting with the admissions teacher and I went into the campus, classroom, canteen, dormitory, library directly and chatted with students. Pegasus was not equipped with the best hardware at that time, but I saw the students were in a sunny and positive state and they were gentle, confident and sincere. The evaluation of the teachers and the school spirit are also the best.
Although Pegasus had no graduates at that time, and the application results were unknown. After my husband had a comprehensive understanding of the educational philosophy, background, teachers and curriculum system and the founder of the school. We both decided to choose this school. Now nearly four years have passed, and with the help of the counselor, the final application results this year was very satisfactory. We did not need to find an off-school agent from beginning to end and always trusted the school. Therefore, the child got all the offers of his three dream universities this year.
His father and I are relatively serious and strict with our child, so he is not confident with an introverted personality. But over the past four years, I find that he has had a lot of changes:
1. Academic performance and an attitude towards learning. In the first semester, English got C and GPA rose steadily from 3.5 to 4.4. More importantly, the attitude towards learning has changed from being passive to learn to enjoy studying gradually. At the same time, I also found a feeling of a smart cookie and got confidence and fun from helping classmates.
2. Personality change. He was previously introverted and not confident, I called him a boy in Black, dare not to wear color clothes, but gradually from wearing color edge shoes to wearing all kinds of bright and beautiful color shoes. The change of his behaviors shows that my child's heart is open and he is happy every day.
3. Interpersonal relationship. He used to have only one or two good friends at school before. Now, he has his good friends not only in the same grade, but also in other grades.
4. Critical Thinking. When I discussed with my child before, I found that he had no idea of his own. Now, as for national affairs, social phenomena and daily life, he can share his own ideas from different perspectives and can justify himself and even come up with many innovative ideas for cooking.
5. Parent-child relationship has improved a lot. Previously, he confined himself in his own room. Now he often talks, laughs with us, watches movies and travel together. He also acts cute in front of us and say some naughty words.
6. Social practical ability. From organizing Badminton Club to planning and organizing a prom with students, including daily housework and cooking, practical and living ability have also been improved. A few days ago, their junior high school classmates and the program leader gathered together. Afterwards, the program leader gave me feedback that my son's changes surprised her most among all the students. He was confident, mature and had his own ideas. See a young boy in a right state!
At the same time, I also know that these changes also come from the good atmosphere of the school. In the past four years, we had less direct communication with the subject teachers because of the language barrier except parent meetings with teachers. But the teachers in the WeChat group often send some videos about the class. The students are very happy in such a lively class. My child has three program leaders all together. They communicate a lot with me on weekdays. Each of the program leaders is very sincere and dedicated. Their care about and support the children in an all-round way, from study to physical and mental health. When writing these words, in order to ensure objectivity and comprehensiveness, I asked my child's feelings about the school from three aspects of teachers, courses and classes. A satisfied B relatively satisfied C less satisfied. He said all the three aspects are A.
In view of my son’s changes over the years, we are once again convinced that we did not make a wrong choice!

# Grade 11 Roxy D’s Dad

I think in terms of choosing an international school, we need to consider the teachers first. Then, consider the graduates. The first reason why we chose Pegasus California School is that we recognize the qualified international teachers at school. Especially after the epidemic, Pegasus still overcomes difficulties and keeps the teaching all by foreign teachers, which is also very rare in Beijing and other international schools, which ensures the authentic English only class. On that Open House Day, we saw the photos of the first two classes of graduates’ pictures posted in the hall and were introduced one by one, which was unlike some other schools’ general and vague introduction. We were assured at that time, so we decisively transferred to Pegasus.
My child used to be in an English high school with good grades, but there was still a certain gap from our expectations. It has been a year since she transferred to Pegasus California School. My child has great growth and changes. Her grades in this semester are very good (mostly straight A and her GPA exceeded 4 points) and won the school scholarship, which could not be imagined before.
At the same time, the child's self-discipline and self-study ability also have been very significantly improved. She not only learned how to  co-operate with her group, actively participate in classroom speech and also actively communicate with the teacher and try to solve many problems by herself. We see her growth and progress as parents.
Second, our children are extroverted. In Pegasus, she found a small world suitable for her own, which will be rich and meaningful in her daily life. She took an active part in the band's performances, planning student dances, joined dance clubs, MV clubs, football clubs, Business Clubs, etc. She also participated in the Commercial Competition BPAS (ASDAN) at the beginning of the year, and the team won the National Silver Award. This month, she participated in the 8th KJC Asian International Art Festival, won the first prize in Group C for violin performance and on August 3th in the final in Qingdao. After coming to Pegasus, the child becomes more all-round, and all aspects are actively advancing in the best direction.
In short, it is necessary to find a suitable school. Pegasus is very suitable for us. We are also very grateful to Pegasus!


# Grade 11 Mace’s Dad

Mace has been to Pegasus for two years. As parents, we are sincerely gratified and happy to see the growth and progress of my kid. When we chose an international school, we had a long period of investigation and comparison, and finally chose Pegasus.
The most important thing about a school is its teachers and educational philosophy. Pegasus respects the child's personality and believes that every child is different and can achieve his or her own achievements. Pegasus teachers treat the students without hierarchy idea. The child can communicate with the teachers freely. In particular, Dr. Long, the former chief principal, and an elderly man in his 80s, communicated with the students by phone or face to face every month. The conversation time was more than half an hour, which was touching. They communicate on a wide range of topics, including guidance on the children's studies, growth planning, discussing social issues and life details. I think such an communication will have a profound impact on the child's growth. Pegasus English environment has greatly improved the children's English ability. Mace is in the school's basketball team, and on the first day of basketball class, the PE teacher told the students that if their GPA is lower than 3 points, they can’t represent Pegasus to compete in basketball games, no matter how well you play basketball. This has refreshed the child's cognition of sports students. Pegasus attaches great importance to the cultivation of children's creativity and leadership and stimulates their being initiative and enterprising.


Mace has participated in many academic competitions since two years ago, especially in the individual total score and two silver medals in writing in the Scholars' Cup Global Competition this year. In addition, he also set up a public welfare community to enhance his sense of social responsibility and mission. Mace found himself and at Pegasus he boosts his confidence. Pegasus gives you a different education.


# Grade 10 Rebecca Z’s Mom

Rebecca is now studying in grade 9 at Pegasus and is about to enter grade 10. She transferred in her ninth grade from the public school to Pegasus. At that time we visited many international schools in Beijing, Qingdao and other cities, which was the process of choosing the best out of the bests. She was involved in the whole process and finally made the most suitable choice. The reason that I speak high of Pegasus is very simple. Students have diversified development at Pegasus, but they have common characteristics, smiles on faces and light in the eyes, which are the simplest expectations of parents for their children.


After that, the school specially arranged Pegasus Academy course for her weak English foundation, so that my child can make a smooth transition. Study is intense and activities are various, but the pressure exists. During this period, Rebecca feels much care and love. The subject teacher is careful at work but have sense of humor, good at observing the children and guiding them in time; the dormitory supervisors and the school staff are serious but not rigid, and really treat the child sincerely. I felt the pure love of all the faculty and staff from the Pegasus family. In fact, every child is a very simple and sensitive existence. She can feel the goodwill and tolerance of the surrounding environment. This subtle positive guidance leads her from strangeness to adaptation to today's love. With faith and love, her academic performance and enthusiasm for activities also grow. During the half a year’s study at Pegasus, her growth is visible, not only in her studies, but more importantly, children's control and understanding about themselves. The growth of thought and continuous growth is the biggest harvest since she came to Pegasus.


# Grade 12 Bella M’s Parent

Since Bella returned from the United States last year, she had to return to choose a domestic school to complete her studies. She personally went to a lot of schools to learn about them, and finally chose Pegasus. She felt that the school was the most similar to American education. In this year, with the help of school leaders and teachers, she not only successfully completed her studies, but also got many fair chances of taking part in activities in the school. She works for ASB and successfully established her favorite club and actively participated in the work of campus ambassador. The participation of these activities has greatly improved the children, laying an excellent foundation for the application to famous universities in the United States.


                                               Bella’s Mom  


When Bella was at Pegasus, she liked the school and gained a lot in the school. Pegasus uses a pure American education model with a strong academic atmosphere and freedom. At the same time, it has considerable respect for students' personalities and hobbies and there are various club activities.
During her time at school, Bella formed her own New Vision Club and participated in two other clubs. In these activities, she gave full play to her talents and improved her abilities. Pegasus advocates heuristic education, hoping that children can get enlightenment and inspiration in learning and practice, and then play their potential. Bella is the kind of child with a relatively distinct personality. What she expects is not the simple knowledge indoctrination, but the excitation of the internal interest and energy.
Finally, I hope that the school becomes better and better and Bella can make more progress at Pegasus.
Bella’s Dad  


# Grade 12 Joseph Z’s Mom
It is an honor for Joseph, my eldest son to study at Pegasus. Since entering the school, my kid has participated in a variety of activities, had many opportunities to show their personal talents and gained success and confidence. The management of Pegasus California School is very humanized, full of positive energy, which makes my kid willing to improve himself, which makes parents feel very assured to send their children to Pegasus. I sincerely wish Pegasus prosperous and the students all success in your studies and all-round development at Pegasus!


# Vivian L’s Mom
I am Vivian L’s mom. As for the changes my kid has after entering Pegasus, my biggest feeling is that my kid becomes sunny, confident, firm, persistent, have her own goals, full of youth, which is also what our parents want to see.
In the past, when she was in the domestic public school, because of the great study pressure, she had to cope with various small tests and exams every day, so the child lived very depressed and I could rarely see a bright smile on her face. To tell the truth, she was tired and I was tired.
Thank you to the teachers at Pegasus and the School. Since the child entered the school, although without strict supervision and push from public school teachers, she becomes independent and her own master. Here, the teacher treats every child equally, pays attention to affirming every little shining point on the child. For example, my kid just cleaned up the garbage in the activity site, the physical education teacher and the academic principal gave her direct recognition. The physical education teacher wrote a greeting card to her, and the academic principal wrote a letter of recommendation for her when applying for a scholarship. Although this behavior was insignificant, the teacher's "grand" recognition made her change from unconsciousness at that time to consciousness in the future, which played a positive role in guiding her future life path.
In the face of the attacks and criticism of other schools on the Internet, our school leaders, teachers, parents and classmates have unprecedented unity, which is also encouraging and touching. Life can’t be always smooth. There are more or less obstacles. Through this experience, my child learned to how to deal with problems. This is also a kind of harvest and growth.