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New atmosphere, a new starting point, Welcome new students to join Pegasus family!

        Release Time:2021-09-24 14:56

Autumn is beautiful and everything is lovely.Pegasus finally have the lovely you back! 
In the golden autumn of September, we celebrate the grand harvest and sow the seeds of hope. Last Sunday, Pegasus new students were enrolled as scheduled. The new school, new atmosphere and a  new starting point, the students will be about to start a new chapter of life. Are you full of expectations? Let's welcome the new semester and start our dream together!

The epidemic continues, and the epidemic prevention continues
In order to comprehensively prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the safety and orderly enrollment of the new students, the school strictly follows the latest epidemic prevention requirements in Qingdao. Visitors need to take their temperature at the school gate, show their travel code, health code, and a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. The welcoming site was filled with warmth. The teachers and staff in all departments are methodically busy, temperature detection, check health code, check identity information, answer questions orderly.  

The enrollment of new students are in order
In order to ensure the orderly completion of enrollment and registration, several departments including the school management department set up a registration zone for new students in the teaching building hall of the first floor. The "Welcome New Students to the School" welcome board with the theme color of warm yellow as the background color witnessed the arrival of every new student. Students and parents took group photos to mark the occasioni in front of the board, record this moment of special significance.  

 Build the future together with hand in hand 
During the four years of high school life, the dormitory will become the "second home" in the real sense. After arriving at the warm home, the students begin to tidy up their bedding, desks and adjust their mood. Shaping oneself must start from cleaning the dormitory and dressing up their own small "home"!The students looked at the clean and tidy dorms and warm and responsible dormitory supervisors.  The high school dormitory life they have been expecting is also about to start!

After dressing up the dormitory, the students came to the counselor’s office to complete the course selection under the guidance of the counselor. He introduced the subject systems, teaching arrangement and assessment standards to the students, so as to help them choose elective courses that are both interesting and beneficial to future education and personal development.
 Through the final ice-breaking session, the students and teachers got together and the relationship between teachers and students became closer, and the understanding of each other became further, which also helped the students to understand and adapt to the atmosphere of "pure English" learning and life atmosphere in advance. 

This year is an extraordinary year, and the class of 2021 is destined to be extraordinary. May you meet every challenge with wisdom and vitality, cherish your valuable time on Pegasus campus  pursue your dream through the school as a powerful "springboard", and create a more meaningful life!
Pegasus will try our best to take all care of your dreams ! In the next four years, let's work together to build the future!