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Performance and Awards Ceremony

        Release Time:2021-02-04 15:54

“Looking back on the growth footprints in the past, a total of 36 students won awards for their outstanding performance. The awards are:
“Excellence in Science” ,
“Excellence in Maths” ,
“Excellence in English” ,
“Excellence in Social Studies” ,
“Excellence in Art and Music” ,
“Leadership Award” ,
“Most Improved”,
“Hardest Working” ,
“Creativity Award” 。
Mr. Steven Szatynski, Academic Principal of Pegasus, all teachers and students of all grades attended the awards ceremony. The band composed of teachers and students of Pegasus presented a sincere singing to all the audience present. They used their heavenly voices. , with the four songs of life, freedom, friendship, and love, respectively, telling youth, expressing gratitude and good wishes for the future.

01 Diversified course options
"Inspiring" everyone to find their way
Pegasus has rich selection of courses where everyone can find their favorite field, whether it is English mathematics, humanities and science, economic science, art, drama English literature, Pegasus AG California courses and rich AP courses to the greatest extent to meet everyone's course selection needs. To be inspired to find the direction they love and match the major they apply for, every student can have the ability to apply for different disciplines in world-renowned schools.

The setting of the discipline awards is to encourage students to actively explore and pragmatically cultivate the direction they love. Today, they are on the podium, which is the greatest affirmation for them. Each subject of School is led by senior foreign teachers. It is their professional subject quality and careful teaching that have created the rising "stars of hope" today.

02 "leader"
Set sail from Pegasus
In addition to the above-mentioned awards in various disciplines, Pegasus has also set up "Leadership Award", "Most Improved", "Hardest Working", "Creativity Award" and other awards that define "leaders" to recognize those who focus on the development of schools and students The students who have an overall view, are willing to play a positive role in driving and spread positive energy, it is your efforts that make the Pegasus family more harmonious and warm. Let us once again congratulate the above award-winning students, you are worthy of these honors!
03 No high profile
The excellence of Pegasus members is defined by themselves
The band guided by the music teacher personally sang four classic songs "See you again", "Drum Tower", "Love Story" and "Ordinary Road" for everyone at the celebration. Their wonderful performance attracted the audience. The bursts of cheers from teachers and students also added warmth to the whole celebration.

Just like the lyrics in the song sung live by the students, the road of youth, we feel happy and touched, but sometimes we are confused and sometimes confused. Hesitating, we look forward to the smoothness of hanging on the cloud sail, and occasionally we have nowhere to go, but we will eventually bid farewell to our past selves and welcome our greater selves. The "in Ordinary profile " does not necessary to interpreted as untalented or free of aspiration 
Each of us has the most unique "advantage". The excellence of Pegasus people does not need "introduction" or publicity, which makes sense.
Will you be on the podium next year?