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Pegasus Global Parent Association has been established to take care of Pegasus students across the world

        Release Time:2021-12-08 09:22

"My dear, you have received foreign education, and know more about foreign culture. You are like a kite in the sky. You can fly higher and see wider. But please don’t forget the thread behind you. It's the thread that your parents and alma mater carefully woven for you. The end of the thread is home."
Up to now, Pegasus School has helped nearly a hundred graduates achieve academic performance to make it in universities spreading areas of United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries in the past three years. Parents are concerned about if they will tackle independent life aboard. Especially in the current international situation, in order to better protect the rights, interests and convenience of graduates in respect of their lives, but also to better maintain the school management development, on the eve of graduation in 2021, some parents proposed to establish the Pegasus Global Parent Association.
On August 29, 2021, after two months of intense and meticulous preparation made by parents and school personnel, Pegasus Global Parent Association has been officially established! The establishment of Pegasus Global Parent Association aims to maximize productive communications, creating a climate that fosters better student outcomes. Through the functions of the school’s overseas office, parents and schools can better understand students’ future trends and plans for the future, helping overseas alumni with better adaption to overseas study life.
Pegasus Global Parent Association are composed of parents of students who have graduated from Pegasus School, school representatives, and members of the school’s overseas office. The organizational goal of the members is to provide school resources for students that have graduated, and parents to provide support for the school. The governing body of the board of directors will be composed of 10 members including the chairman, vice-chairmen, secretary-general, and chief financial officer.
Studying abroad is of great matters. There is no small matter when a child travels far. Pegasus Global Parent Association works together to escort. Pegasus Global Parent Association will perform the following roles and provide the following services:
1. Promote and deepen a good and fruitful relationship between parents and school;
2. To help members understand the student's school and surrounding environment for the first time, and provide targeted services;
3. Participate in the activities of Pegasus School, such as charity fundraising, campus open day and other activities;
4. Establish partition modules for member students and establish contacts to support the development and growth of Pegasus Overseas Student Union;
5. Establish a platform to provide member students with multi-faceted resources and information by source of school and families.
At the same time, Pegasus Global Parent Association has overseas offices to escort Pegasus graduate students! The first overseas office was established in Irvine, California, under the responsibility of Vice President Jonathan Lee.
Jonathan Lee
The specific service content of overseas office is shown in the figure below:
In just two months, Pegasus Global Parent Association started from an idea, to the formulation of various rules, to the preparation of overseas offices, to the selection of committee members, and even to every detail like logo design. , The successful landing of Pegasus Global Parent Association finally reflects the true love of both the home and school for the children-without delay.
The design of Pegasus Global Parent Association logo carries everyone’s hope and vision: a simplified Pegasus image. This minimalist design is not only the most international design language at the moment, but also complements the Pegasus School’s logo; it represents prestige and profoundness. And the elegant purple means that the students will have an extraordinary life.
A mother said: "Looking at the ring, I felt that it was the light in the child's eyes. She looked at me with a smile on her face; she touched the earrings as if she heard the child whisper in the ear. Mom, I am very Okay, don't worry; touch the necklace on my neck again, and feel the child's temperature. He has been by my side, and my heart is filled with happiness."