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Don’t Lower Requirements and Standards: Win the Battles of Both Epidemic Prevention, Control and Online Education

        Release Time:2022-03-28 21:33

Regarding the requirements of the recent epidemic prevention and control situation in the city, Pegasus has been strictly abiding by the policy of the Education Bureau and conducting online education from March 14 to ensure the safety and health of the students. For better helping students learn online, the school’s epidemic emergency leadership team held a special meeting on March 12. The academic team and the student management department formulated detailed regulations on online teaching and related services to ensure the quality of online teaching, students’ learning performance and win the battles of both epidemic prevention, control and online education!
Furthermore, Pegasus held an online meeting specifically for parents and students at 7:30pm on March 13 to do some important explanations and arrangements for teaching and student management during online learning. This meeting focused on three aspects including management of the students in school, management of online learning and learning requirements at home to ensure children’s safety, physical and mental health as well as their learning performance.
Ensure safety and learning quality of the students in school
In the afternoon on March 12, in order to assist the stranded students to go home safely as soon as possible with the Covid-19 negative certificate, under the unified leadership and deployment of the school's epidemic prevention and control emergency leadership team, the school conducted a second round of swab-test for all staff and students in school with a result that everyone was clear. In addition, the school also organized school teachers and students to carry out school greening activities, which not only exercised the body, but also helped to promote the spirit of unity and rent among students.

Teachers, students and staff line up for swab-test
Make dumplings together
Planting activity
For students who are stranded because of the distance or the epidemic situation in their hometown, they need to strictly follow the normal schedule of daily living, online classes, meals, evening self-study and bedtime. The school has dedicated dormitory teachers, canteen and coffee bar staff to ensure the safety and normal life of the teachers and students in school during the epidemic prevention and control period!
For epidemic prevention and control, the school has carried out a comprehensive sterilization of the whole school and implemented lockdown management. The school has equipped the students with sufficient sanitary and epidemic prevention supplies, and implemented daily temperature monitoring, etc.
Online learning: Don’t lower the requirements and standards
The academic team has been implementing the following policies to ensure the online teaching quality:
All foreign teachers conduct the online classes in school to ensure the teaching quality
1.All teachers do online teaching in classrooms, and the academic management staff can enter the classrooms and online classes to monitor the teaching content, progress, quality and student performance.
2.Release the weekly teaching syllabus to parents on every Monday.
3.The academic management staff follow up the teaching progress and performance of the course, summarize students’ disciplinary performance, update the learning progress and performance, and send the reports to the program leaders at 4pm every day, which is convenient for the program leaders to give parents feedback.
4.The rules for online classes are the same as those for offline classes: homework must be submitted on time, mental appearance and basic etiquette during online classes are emphasized, no late and absence, and opening the cameras is required.  
More requirements for the PLs during online teaching
Monitor teaching&learning performance, don’t miss any detail.
1.Pay special attention to students' attendance, opening the cameras during class, and homework submission; listen to at least 2 classes and 15 minutes each class every day.
2.Contact with parents closely, call the parents of each student at least once a week, and more for some whose children have special situations.
3.Communicate closely with academic management staff and teachers, make records of the course situation as well as student performance and give feedback to the parents.
4.Make work logs, record students’ daily attendance, homework submission performance, phone calls with parents, parents’ concerns and resolving progress as well as feedback from them.  
Time is fleeting. All students should cherish every moment and do not be influenced by the learning types. Hereby, Pegasus requests all students at home to follow these guidelines:
Every step ]is because of love, and every drop of sweat is for loyalty
Get up and attend class on time, pay attention to the appearance.
Follow teachers’ requirements, turn on the camera and don't leave the recording scope, report immediately if there is any problem.
Do exercise and keep fit.
Study and rest regularly, use electronic products reasonably. It is suggested that students hand over their mobile phones and other electronic products to their parents during class and at night for supervision.
Strictly implement the leave system; parents and PLs need to adhere to the principles.
There are always someone in front to protect us from the wind and rain no matter how heavy they are, from the bitterness and suffering no matter how much they are.
May the epidemic be over soon, may health always be with us and may we return the school as soon as possible!

Pray for Qingdao
Pray for Everyone