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Breaking News! UC Davis released 16 offers to PCS

        Release Time:2022-03-28 20:54

With the University of California, Davis (UCD) taking the lead in releasing the offer list, PCS has been demonstrating unparalleled strength in the beginning with 11 UCD offers in only one day!
This isn’t the END!
After the post yesterday, 5 more offers from UCD arrived, which means the number of UCD admissions of PCS students has reached an amazing 16, once again breaking the school history record!
In these days, good news keeps coming and it can’t stop!
Congratulations to BZ!
Everything is moving in the ideal direction
Flowers in spring, fruit in autumn
All efforts will be paid off!

An absolute dominant position in admission to UC Davis
By 2021, there are more than 150 offers from the University of California that have been received by the first three batches of Pegasus graduates, including 25 from UC Santa Barbara, 33 from UC Irvine, 30 from UC Davis, 12 from UC San Diego and 1 from UC Los Angeles! 
UC Davis: Ranking No.38 in American universities according to 2022 US News
With ten campuses in California, known as “a model of public higher education”, the University of California (UC) is one of the most influential public university systems in the world.
The University of California, Davis (UCD or UC Davis) is founded in 1905 and located in Davis, California, USA. The city, Davis, is a place famous for the school and the proportion of college students here is very high among the urban population. The whole city is around UC Davis with a beautiful and quiet environment and strong academic atmosphere. The weather here is very pleasant with sufficient sunshine all year round and thus it is also one of the most popular cities in the United States.
Known as the “Public Ivy League”, UC Davis belongs to the UC system and it is one of the top public research universities in the United States. The school has strong scientific research ability and high academic level with many scientific research centers and laboratories, and it is also the world’s research and education center of biological agriculture and environmental science. UC Davis is specifically well-known in the agricultural field, where the veterinary medicine, animal medicine and agriculture have always ranked first in the country and the other related subjects such as botany, environmental science, and biology are also among the best in American universities all year round, so it is called the “Proud of agricultural colleges”. In addition, UC Davis is the only school with an airport in the University of California.
The "Multinational Joint Application" of 2022 PCS application season has achieved fruitful results.
Up to now, PCS students have not only received admission to top comprehensive universities around the world, but also achieved good results in art schools and liberal arts schools, covering various subjects such as business, music, art, film production, etc., accomplished the scene of "hundreds of flowers blooming and thousands of stars shining" in multiple countries, multiple categories of colleges, and multiple majors! This is the real practice of the "heuristic" teaching concept of Pegasus California School!
"Harvest" is in progress! 2022 application season admission list