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Pegasus highlights of this week(4.06-4.08)

        Release Time:2022-04-08 13:57

Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP Micro Economics class are developing understanding of Governments and Externalities, Public Good, etc.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s Economics class are understanding short run and long run in the production function.  
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP European History class are explaining the context in which nationalistic and imperialistic sentiments developed in Europe from 1815 to 1914. 
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP World History class are understanding slavery and gladiators and their role in ancient Rome.
This short week was meant to ensure that the students are taking reading/studying assignments seriously. I had students study several Java programs over the break and they are tasked with showing their understanding of these programs and methods via a quiz/in-class assignment.
This short week was used to sharpen students' understanding about the basics of Trigonometric functions, including their graphs and translations of the graphs. They will take a quiz on Friday.
Students in Ms. Monica’s Geometry class are able to prove congruent triangles with the methods of definition, SSS, SAS, AAS, or HL or use CPCTC to solve applied problems.
Students in Ms. Monica’s Algebra II class will check the output of the chapter3 and learn about the exponential functions.
In Mr. Szatynski's class, students will begin the final unit: Social Psychology. They will learn about how society influences or thoughts and behavior.
Students in Mr.Kuka’s AP Language class are developing an understanding of argumentative essay structure.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s AP Government class are understanding the role of state and local governments in the American politics.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s Government class are understanding the struggle of minorities for civil rights.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s US History class are understanding the development of the American West in the 2nd half of the 19th century.
Physics:Continued chapter 8. Introduced torque. Went over static equilibrium conditions and center of mass concept.
AP Physics I: We continue our study of momentum conservation and collisions.
AP Physics II: We continued our stud of magnetic theory.
AP Music Theory: Continue with Unit 7 and study for the test that we have coming up on Thursday.
Guitar, Band & Piano: Continue preparing our course work to record when we come back to school.