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Pegasus highlights of this week(4.11-4.15)

        Release Time:2022-04-15 14:01

Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP Micro Economics class are reviewing Unit 2, Summary: Supply and Demand, Elasticity, Market Equilibrium, Surplus and Deadweight Loss, Government Controls, Taxes, and Tariffs. Exam prep
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s Economics class are learning introduction to Perfect Competition.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP European History class are explaining how the events of the first half of the 20th century challenged existing social, cultural, and intellectual understandings. Understand the motivations that led to European imperialism in the period from 1815 to 1914.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s World History class are understanding the Fall of the Roman Empire p 1. Why? When and How? Part 2.
Students in Ms. Monica’s Geometry class are learning Triangle Congruence, Isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles.
Students in Ms. Monica’s Algebra II class are learning about the properties about exponential and Logarithmic functions.
In Mr. Szatynski's class, students will begin the final unit: Social Psychology. They will learn about how society influences or thoughts and behavior.
We will start with conformity, obedience, and compliance.
Students in Mr.Kuka’s English 10 class have just started reading a dystopian novel which focuses on interesting themes.
Students in Mr.Kuka’s English 9 class have just started reading a novel that centers on the life of a young boy with a troubled past who begins a journey of forgiveness and self-love.
Students in Mr.Kuka’s AP Language class have been given their essay prompt for the argumentative essay writing section of the exam. We are looking at various strategies of essay writing for this section of the essay.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s AP Government class will finish learning about state and local governments.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s Government class will finish learning about Civil Rights.
Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s US History class will learn about Industrialization and immigration in the US in the late 19th century.
AP Calculus AB: 1. Write the primary equation in terms of one variable. 2. Find the first derivative and set it equal to zero. 3. Test maximum/minimum using a sign chart.
AP Statistics: 1. We are reviewing Unit 8, 3, 4 for the AP-Exam. 2. Hypothesis Testing, and use of Confidence level and calculating Confidence Interval.
AP Calculus BC: AP-Exam Review: 1. We are reviewing the Applications of Derivatives. 2. The limits of Sequence, convergence, and divergence.
PE: Continue exercises that can be done from home.