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Unbelievable! 8 NYU Offers, Sharply Increase 300%!

        Release Time:2022-04-07 11:20

New York University (NYU), ranking No.28 in the United States, has always been one of the dream colleges that Chinese students yearn for because of its unique geographical advantages, world reputation, degree of international exchanges and academic prestige.
How competitive is NYU?
According to the official data released by NYU, the number of applicants to NYU in this year’s application season exceeded 105,000, an increase of 5% on the basis of last year’s record breaking, and the number of applicants has achieved growth for 15 consecutive years!

As reported, there were 95,308 applications received by the New York campus alone with an acceptance rate of only 12.8%, of which international students only accounted for 19%. Under the background of the SAT/ACT optional policy, the average SAT score of international student applicants has reached a amazingly high score of 1540, and the competition is no less fierce than the leading colleges such as Hayes University, which shows NYU’s exaggerated competitive situation!
In such a bad situation, the PCS students bucked the trend and won 3 offers in the ED stage, and 5 surprising offers in the RD stage, reaching a totally 8 NYU admissions and 300% increase compared to last year! If the previous 5 offers of NYU from 2019 to 2021 (PCS’s  first batch of graduates was in 2019) shows its love to Pegasus school, the results in 2022 is well enough to prove that how “crazy” the love is!
Undoubtedly, NYU and other world-renowned schools have expressed their unanimous approval and favor for PCS with practical actions!
2019-2022 Statistics of PCS’s Admissions to NYU
As facts speak louder than words, the admission result tells everything. We are confident to say that there are extremely rare international schools across the country have this excellent performance! When it comes to the Qingdao city, Pegasus school is even “one of a kind”!
PCS is leading the application for American universities!
Let us congratulate CH, SS, KL, AL, FZ, KW, RJ, WS ! Bravo to all of you!

Until now, PCS has received:
1 offer from Washington University in St. Louis,TOP14
1 offer from UC Berkeley, TOP22
1 offer from University of Virginia, TOP25
1 offer from University of Southern California, TOP27
3 offers from New York University, TOP28
4 offers UC Santa Barbara, TOP28
1 offer from University of Rochester, TOP34
4 offers from UC Irvine, TOP36
16 offers from UC Davis, TOP38
2 offers from University of Texas, Austin, TOP38 (with different ranking standards)

PCS is leading the application for American universities!

Good news keeps coming and it seems never stop!
Everything is moving in the ideal direction. Flowers in spring, fruit in autumn, all efforts will be paid off!
New York University: Ranking No.28 in American universities by 2022 US News
Founded in 1831, New York University (NYU) is a world-leading private research university located in New York State and one of the top 100 universities in the world. It consists of 18 colleges and research institutes as one of the famous colleges, a member of the American Association of Universities, and one of the 25 new Ivy League schools.

NYU has the world’s top academic resources in many advantageous disciplines such as philosophy, mathematics, accounting & finance, law, performing arts, and computer science. Among it colleges, comparing with all the other universities in the united States, Tisch School of the Arts is one of the best art schools, and the film subject ranks No.2 in the country; the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences is the No.1 applied mathematics research institution; the Shaker Institute of Real Estate is a well-known high-level research institution in the real estate industry with close connection to the world financial real estate industry; the law school is one of the best T6 law schools, when the School of Dentistry is world-renowned and ranks No.2 in the whole country.

Among the NYU alumni, professors and researchers, there are 37 Nobel Prize winners, 5 Fields Medal winners, 8 Turing Award winners, 4 Abel Prize winners, 9 US National Medal of Science winners, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners and 19 Academy Award winners (No.1 of universities in the nation). In addition, there are many winners of Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, MacArthur Awards and Guggenheim Awards as well.

The “Multinational Joint Application” of 2022 PCS application season has achieved fruitful results.
Up to now, PCS students have not only received admission to top comprehensive universities around the world, but also achieved good results in art schools and liberal arts schools, covering various subjects such as business, music, art, film production, etc., accomplished the scene of "hundreds of flowers blooming and thousands of stars shining" in multiple countries, multiple categories of colleges, and multiple majors! This is the real practice of the "heuristic" teaching concept of Pegasus California School!
"Harvest" is in progress! 2022 Application Season Admission List