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Pegasus highlights of this week(4.18-4.22)

        Release Time:2022-05-03 10:50

01 Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP Micro Economics class are reviewing Unit 3, Summary, Production and Perfect Competition.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s Economics class are understanding Monopoly, Monopoly Price, the Elasticity of Demand and Welfare Effects of Monopoly.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s AP European History class are analyzing World War I.
Students in Mr. Profatilov’s World History class are learning introduction to European Middle Ages 500–1200.
02 Students in Ms. Monica’s Geometry class will finish 5-1 Perpendicular Bisector Angle, Prepare Mid-term Review and Exam and Analysis.
Students in Ms. Monica’s Algebra II class will finish 4-7/8Fitting Curve, Prepare Mid-term Review and Exam.
03 Students in Mr.Kuka’s English 10 class are learning non fiction text paring to theme of CONFORMITY in the Giver.
Students in Mr. Kuka’s English 9 class are learning Chapter three: TSB - What events in the chapter resonates with them emotional. How does the character make them feel based on the event.
Students in Mr.Kuka’s AP Language class is learning MCQ Text: Benjamin Franklin letter to James Read. 10 questions with defensible reason for selection alternative.
04 English 12: (1) identify what techniques a poet uses  (2) incorporate relevant evidence to make textual inferences (3) write a paragraph about theme using a 'why statement' (4) deliver an oral commentary that offers an evaluation of theme by using a 'why statement'. 
AP Literature: (1) identify, discuss and transcribe passages from the text that represent characterization (2) annotate texts with the view to developing analytical statements using an analytical notes procedure (3) evaluate how genre affects the interpretation of texts.
05 Students in Mr.Kreynin‘s Government, AP Government class and US History classes will have review for the midterm exam.
06 Physics: We continued our study of gravitational and circular motion. We did an experiment to confirm centripetal acceleration has a squared velocity dependence.
AP Physics 1: We started the study of rotational motion and torques.
AP Physics 2: We studied Electromagnetic induction, Farada's and Lenz's laws. The Electric motor and generator.

07 Digital Art and Studio Art : Begin working on final designs.
Drawing and Painting: Continue working on final poster designs.
AP Studio Art: Continue working on Sustained Investigation AP project.