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Full of Real Stuff! Priceless Pre-departure Guidance Lecture for Grade 12!

        Release Time:2022-04-19 11:05

Getting an offer is not all
Studying abroad has just begun!
At Pegasus school, the college counseling is not a course, but a system. It can help each student find their own goals and work hard for them to accomplish.
The application season in this year is coming to the end, and 2022 PCS students have received satisfactory admissions. Most of the students hold multiple offers from the world’s top 40 universities.
So how do students choose schools among many admissions? What should they notice when studying abroad? In the afternoon of April 12, in response to the above questions, Mr. Ma Zhenyi, founder of Pegasus school, brought a “full of real stuff” online pre-departure guidance lecture to the students of grade 12 by citing a large number of vivid cases, and gave 1-to-1 detailed answers to the students’ personalized questions.
Although staying in the United States, Mr. Ma has maintained full care and attention to each student’s application process, and is familiar with each student’s enrollment status.
Mr. Ma is currently a member of the UC Regents Selection Committee and once served as the director of the International Cooperation Department of the California Department of education. More than 20 years of international education has enabled him to accumulate rich and authoritative experience in studying abroad and education.
Below is the lecture outline
1 Regarding the college selection, students should consider it with their future plans. 
● Working in America
If students hope to find a satisfactory and competitive job in America in the future, it is most critical that the university can provide sufficient internship opportunities, as American enterprises attach particular importance to the related experience. High ranking or popularity doesn’t mean the universities provide good internship opportunities.
In addition, the GPA score of students is also the focus of enterprises. Therefore, students should objectively evaluate the difficulty of obtaining GPA in their selected universities and majors. If it is based on looking for a job, a school that can get better GPA scores is recommended.

● Graduate study
If students want to pursue graduate studies in the future, GPA scores will be more important, so students must clearly know whether the major they choose are easy to get good GPA scores. In addition, students should pay attention to whether the selected university can provide sufficient “undergraduate” research opportunities. What needs special attention here is that many universities actually tend to provide more research opportunities to graduate students rather than undergraduate students.
● Return China
If students plan to go back to China in the future, perhaps the rankings of their universities and majors will be more important.
2 How to find out what the university offers for internships/research?
In addition to the university’s official website, the following website can be used to learn about offers of internships (collaboration between schools and enterprises) and research opportunities for undergraduates:
3 What needs to know living in America
● America is a“Mail Society”
Unlike Chinese people who use WeChat to communicate instantly, Americans are more accustomed to using emails to contact, so students must develop the habit of checking emails timely to prevent missing important information and affect their studies.
● Ensure the completion of 12 credits per semester as required by I-20
The I-20 is a form that every student who goes to study in the United States (holding an F-1 visa) will get. It is issued by the US Immigration Service and is a necessary document when applying for an F-1 student visa. It includes your basic personal information, the name of the admission institution, the name and position of the school contact person, the school address and school code, the degree to be read, the name of the admitted major and the length of study, the cost, the source of funds, the signature of the student, etc. .
The I-20 requires each student to take at least 12 credits per semester. If there are less than 12 credits, the student’s I-20 will be cancelled and the student will not be able to stay in the United States. Therefore, it is recommended that students take as many credits as possible to prevent the situation of insufficient credits caused by unexpected factors.
● How to choose your professor
https://www.ratemyprofessors .com/
It should be known that not all professors put their focus on teaching. Professors have absolute autonomy to grade students, so choosing the right professor is very important to your studies and grades. On the following website, you will find students’ reviews, ratings and details of each professor’s teaching.
https://www.ratemyprofessors. com/
● No cheating
This is an old-fashioned question. If a student is caught cheating by an American university, the I-20 will be canceled, and there is a high chance of being dropped out. Even if you get an F, you will have the opportunity to retake the course, the consequences of being caught cheating will definitely be extremely terrible. It is also important to know that big data is very developed now, so also don’t take a fluke and cheat (plagiarize) in some certain parts of the paper.
●Must communicate actively with professors
Professors usually do not take the initiative to communicate with students, which may make students suffer sometimes. For example, if you need to ask a professor to write a letter of recommendation, the professor usually doesn't refuse directly, but on the ground of "don't know you". Even if there is no question, you should communicate with the professor actively to leave a good impression, which is very important. Sometimes “human relationship” will really help your grades.
● Actively participate students’ associations
Just as it is recommended that students actively participate in PCS student associations, participating in college associations will enable you to obtain not only richer knowledge, but also broader social resources, which will be helpful to your future graduate application and career development.
●Don’t touch alcohol and drugs
It is not allowed to drink below 21 years old in America, which students must know clearly and abide by.
4 Students’ personalized questions
In addition, Mr. Ma also gave 1-on-1 detailed answers to the following personalized questions raised by the students:
-American University pick-up process and travel guide.
-How to deal with hotel regulations if going to the city where the university is located in advance to adapt to the environment?
-How to use email appropriately to inquire about school affairs process?
-How to transfer majors from the same college, transfer majors from different colleges, and transfer universities in America? How difficult is it? What are the application mode and process?
-How to look at the US university rankings/professional rankings from an objective and multi-angle?
-How to apply for graduate school in America? Can undergraduate students apply directly to PhD?
-Course selection planning and suggestions for American universities.
-Difficulty transferring among UC (public schools) institutions.
-Policies for driving license exams in different states in the United States.