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Competition Elites | 4 PCS Students Won 3rd Prize in the National Station of CTB and Successfully Advanced to the Global Finals!

        Release Time:2022-04-06 11:56

Good News
Since the beginning of this semester, on the stage of academic competitions, good news keeps coming from Pegasus School!
In the recently ended national station of CTB Global Innovation Research Challenge, lasting for more than 3 months and 4 types of online challenges, the team formed by Jason, Vicky, Alina and Abigail finally entered Top 30 among around 600 groups from national key high schools with the excellent performance of the research theme “Xiangmao River Ecological Revetment”, won the third prize and successfully advanced to the global finals.

As the team that participated in CTB for the first time, they stood out in the fierce competition, showing the excellent academic research ability of PCS students. 
Looking forward to their persistent efforts and achieving better results in the next global finals! 

1 What is CTB?
The China Thinks Big Innovation Research Project Challenge (CTB), is an international activity for high school students to promote social innovation through academic research and social practice. CTB originated from Harvard University’s traditional research project “Harvard Thinks Big”, which is a worldwide influential interdisciplinary challenge project for Chinese youth.

Based on college-level subject knowledge, CTB focuses on the life around, uses academic methodologies applied by famous schools as the blueprint, aims to cultivate teenagers’ academic and innovative capabilities through rapid online learning as well as practice “Think Big, Start Small” with original ideas and innovative solutions, improve college-readiness and serve the talent training and selection of university institutions. In 2012, It was jointly founded by Harvard Business College and Tsinghua School of Economics & Management in 2012, and over the past few years, CTB has become an important interdisciplinary challenge project for young people. Among the past challenge winners, there have been many provincial college entrance examination champions, nearly 100 participants admitted by Ivy League schools such as Harvard University and Yale University, and almost 1000 independent enrollment applicants. Nowadays, the awards of CTB have become an important scale for admissions to overseas universities and independent enrollment of domestic universities.

2 Why participate in CTB?
1. Highly valuable international/national/regional honors and certificates for individuals and groups;
2.  A personalized academic achievement that can be submitted as higher study materials to demonstrate academic innovation ability in multiple dimensions;
3. A joint recommendation letter from the jury and the organizing committee for outstanding winning teams;
4. The outstanding project results will be included in the collection of academic papers of young people of Peking University Press;
5. The acquisition of the core competencies ability such as academic research, teamwork, communication and leadership;
Students can apply for famous colleges much easier using the CTB certificates, which are recognized by various schools, and are also the beginning of telling their own unique stories. The research results and experience gained in CTB are also an important milestone in students’ future resume!