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Pegasus highlights of this week(5.16-5.20)

        Release Time:2022-05-13 14:42

Mr. Profatilov’s classes:
1. Target Customer Study Value Study (Start-up company business project).
2. Prisoners Dilemma cont. 4.Oligopoly and Game Theory
3. European History Capstone project: finding primary sources.
4. Team based research on the Crusader Orders: Templars, Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights, Documents relating to the Baltic Crusade 1199-1266 cont.
Ms. Monica’s math class: For Geometry, we continue to finish Ch6, and for Algebra2, we start a new chap6.
Biology: Continuing the hydroponics plant lab, testing over cellular respiration, Starting genetics.
Chemistry: Testing over gas laws and starting modern atomic theory.  
AP Chemistry: Continuing with thermodynamics lab.
Computer Science: For computer science, we will just use time to allow students to catch up with assignments and to work on their semester project.
Pre calculus: Next week we will quiz on the ideas learned about basic derivatives and then move on to "The area problem." In addition, we should have the materials to start the semester project.
Dr. Khan’s students are writing research paper for the conference on 8th of June.