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Pegasus Voice: GPA all “A” - the “Cool & Cute” PCS Sunshine Girl!

        Release Time:2022-06-06 15:23

Pegasus Voice: No.32
Accepted by NYU, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Northeastern University, Ohio State University and other prestigious schools
She got offers from NYU, UCD, UCI and other famous schools with a GPA of all “A”. She is good at dance performances such as folk dance and modern dance. She is also proficient in piano performance and has obtained two full grades of ten. She is a cool & cute sunshine girl endowed with talents and beauty. She dares to persevere and is willing to share with others. She remains excellent and has both “happiness and health”. She is the protagonist in today’s “Pegasus Voice”. Let's walk into Cherry's wonderful story together!
“Cool & Cute” She is the PCS super scholar
Hello, I'm cherry, a smiling, sunny girl from grade 12 of Pegasus school. I think the shaping of my character is inextricably linked with my two hobbies - piano and dance. When I was in Grade 1 of my primary school, I began to learn the piano systematically, and I got two full grades of Level 10 in junior high school. I think that if you wanna learn the piano well, you should not only work hard in technology, but also in music theory and appreciation. The experience of practicing the piano has cultivated the character of concentration and persistence. And the love of dancing can also be attributed to the experience of learning National Dance from childhood. I think dance itself is a praise for life. Dance can make a person's image better and more confident.
It is very gratifying that in this application season, I received the offers from New York University, University of California Davis, University of California Irvine, Northeastern University and Ohio State University. I am very satisfied with this result. In my opinion, the reason I can get the recognition of these universities is that I maintain the full ”A” GPA.
It’s hard to say difficult or easy to keep full “A”
How to maintain good GPA scores? For me, following teachers’ instruction is the smartest and easiest way. We all know that the GPA in Pegasus is dynamic. It is directly related to our classroom performance, each exam and homework. Therefore, we need to listen carefully in class and take our tests and after-school homework seriously. I believe that as long as we carefully follow the teacher's requirements, we can do it well.
From “public school” to international education, she found her right road
During my four years in Pegasus, I feel my biggest change was that I became more confident than before. Before I came here, I had been studying in a public school. I felt it was difficult for me to show myself there. However, after I came to Pegasus, the teachers often encouraged us to show ourselves bravely and actively seek our own bright spots. Inspired by the teachers, I became very interested in economics and business. Therefore, my major and future career planning are also related to it.
In Pegasus, the course selection is very flexible
Pegasus adopts the pure California A-G course system, which means that the knowledge we learn is the same as that of the students in California high schools, which is very helpful for us to adapt to the future university study. In addition, Pegasus also offers a wealth of AP courses. We can choose the subjects we are good at according to our own preferences. Moreover, our AP scores can be converted into university credits, which can reduce our academic pressure in the University.
“English Only” policy: efficient, practical!
I really want to emphasize the "English only" policy. To be honest, it has really helped us in speaking and listening. In addition to the standardized scores, the progress of our English level is also reflected in every detail of our classroom listening, communication between teachers and students, and communication between students. I really find that my English level is more and more close to the level of native English speakers, which will certainly enable me to better adapt to college life and truly achieve “seamless connection”.
From different angles, the answer may not be different.
When I was in a public school, every question had a fixed standard answer, so our way of thinking about the problem would be relatively single. The obvious difference is that Pegasus teachers often tell us to think about the problem from multiple different angles. With different positions and angles, we may get different answers. This is the critical thinking that Pegasus has been cultivating for us.
Especially in Matthew’s English class and Taylor’s AP class, they are my favorite teachers. They are not only excellent in their own professional level, but also very enthusiastic and patient. When we encounter any problem in the exam or homework, we can go to them at any time. Even in the time after school, they will answer it for us in detail.
Talking to parents is better than worrying alone
I think maintaining a good attitude is the key to preparing for the application season. I generally have two ways to adjust my attitude. The first is to sleep, because after a good sleep, many troubles and anxieties will disappear. The second method, which is also the most helpful to me, is to talk to experienced people, such as parents.
During the application season, we will face a variety of problems. If we think about many problems from our own cognitive perspective, we often can't think of solutions, and we often get caught in our own emotions. At this time, we need the father and mother to help us on advice.
For example, when I was preparing for standardization test, my standardized score could not reach my ideal score, and I had the idea of giving up. At this time, I told my parents my true idea without reservation, and they said to me: “The more difficult it is, the more we can't give up easily. Maybe we can succeed if we stick to it again. Don't be too concerned about the final result. We just need to do our best in the process. Therefore, we shouldn't give up every opportunity easily.” It was with their encouragement that I regained my confidence and finally got the ideal score.
In fact, looking back at the whole application season, we have faced many difficulties and challenges, and experienced various emotional twists and turns, but looking back, there is nothing. Most of the time, the pressure is actually given to us by ourselves, which is totally unnecessary. Therefore, we can think of the problem simply. We just need to keep a positive and optimistic attitude and work hard to do it.
Advice to young PCS students
Keep a good GPA and take the standardized test ASAP
I believe this is what many seniors have repeatedly so many times, that is, we must maintain good GPA scores and take the standardized test as soon as possible. If a lot of things pile up together, it will certainly affect our preparation for extracurricular activities and our mood. Please don't be too nervous throughout the application season. Just keep working hard, and good results will come out.
Extracurricular activities should match the applied major
Because I already decided to take the business major long ago, my extracurricular activities are also carried out around this field. I have participated in some related competitions and feel that I have greatly improved myself. Here I recommend it to you.
One is NSL. Although it is a car race, each team will set up different departments in the race. I am responsible for the commercial department, and I need to write a complete business plan; ASDAN's business competition and its online teaching support are also very good activities. If you want to participate in scientific research activities, you can also try them, which can expand a lot of professional knowledge for us; There are also activities like CTB (global innovation research challenge), in which we need to write research reports and make PPT speeches, which can well exercise our comprehensive ability.
NYU is my final choice
I am looking forward to my college life in the future. Although the climate in California is better, considering the business direction I want to take in the future, I will choose New York University (NYU) with a more suitable geographical location. We all know that Wall Street is in New York, where there are many investment banks and financial companies. Therefore, I will have more internship opportunities in the future, and there are many alumni of New York University in many excellent enterprises in New York, which is also a valuable networking resource for me, so I will eventually choose NYU.