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Holding Offers of NYU, UCSB &UIUC!Journey to Success of PCS “Sunshine Boy”

        Release Time:2022-06-07 15:34

Pegasus Voice No.29
Grade 12, Frank
Admitted to UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), New York University (NYU), and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), video website blogger, anchor, student band member
As an enviable student invited by the TOP28-UCSB, NYU and TOP 47-UIUC, Frank is actually a sunshine boy who embraces the life with a positive heart. In school, he is a warm and attentive “sunshine boy”; when outside school, he is a video blogger who insists on his dreams. What inspiration can Frank bring to us after four years in PCS life? In today’s Pegasus Voice, let’s listen to his story.

Frank’s admission offer of UCSB
Winning the 3 heavyweight admissions
Designing and editing videos make me proud
Hello everyone! I'm Frank, a grade 12 student at PCS. I received offers from UC Santa Barbara, NYU, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this year. I like making, editing videos and doing some designs. When I was in grade 11, I made some sort videos for PCS as the “Campus Ambassador”.
I think what makes me very proud is that I have expanded my social circle when whether I do design or videos. I have met many friends with the same hobbies, and learned a lot about video knowledge and skills in editing, internet culture, and music from them.
”Interest” and “friends” are the energy to promote the autonomous learning.
I think the cultivation of autonomous learning ability should be based on “interest”. When I was in elementary school, I liked to watch videos made by some bloggers. When I graduated from elementary school, I felt that it was better to record something myself. Since then, I have met many friends who were not only the same grade classmates but also the senior and juniors at Pegasus. We encourage d and helped each other both in study and our same interest, cultivating a deep friendship as well as gaining a lot of progress in study.
The “A-G” curriculum system seamlessly connecting to colleges
Surprised by the “English Only” policy
I transferred to PCS in grade 9. The junior high school I studied before implemented mixed teaching mode with unified teaching curriculum. Considering the American college application direction, my family and I decided to come to PCS to study. 
PCS is an “authentic” American-style high school. Not only are the teachers all foreign language teachers, but the school implements the “English Only” language policy. When I first came, I was actually quite surprised by this policy, because it’s very different from the school I went to before. Meanwhile, many junior high school classmates who studied at PCS recommended it to me as well, so I chose here.
In addition, PCS adopts the “A-G” curriculum system in California, which can seamlessly connect to American universities. When filling out the college application form, we can directly put the score sheet into the university application system without any credit transfer, and there is no need to add special instructions for other grades, which makes the application a lot more convenient, and it can be more intuitively accepted by the university. Meanwhile, the school also offers a wealth of AP courses. I took the AP exams for Calculus A, Calculus B, and Physics 1, and I got good scores. I believe it will be of great help to my future university studies.

Frank’s personal,
where all his excellent art works collected here
Various challenges during the application
Thanks to the supports of my family, classmates and guidance of the counselling teachers
I started preparing for college application in Grade 10. The whole process can be said to be full of difficulties and challenges. For example, preparing for standardized examinations requires constant question brushing and practice. At the beginning, I felt very depressed every time I saw that I have made so many mistakes and only students who have personally experienced the process can realize the difficulty.
When writing the application papers, I took it for granted at first that the 200-word essay required by the university was not difficult to write, and even felt that it was difficult to describe my experience with such a small number of words, but when I really started to prepare, I had to apply for many schools and write a lot of “supplementary documents” at the same time, then I realized it’s so hard to complete and even 50 words could be a heavy burden. Fortunately, the guidance of PCS counselling teachers helped me get through the difficulties and obtained the ideal admission.
Counselling teachers are like “treasure boxes”
It can be said that in all aspects of the application, even the psychological level, the PCS counselling teachers has provided me with great help and support, and this experience has also left a deep impression on me.
Counselling teachers are like “treasure boxes”, they are very enthusiastic and willing to help us. You must know that all students in grade 12 will have many and various problems, such as choosing schools, choosing majors, writing essays, and the teachers will will answer and guide us one by one, so even though it is very hard, the teachers still maintain a “meticulous” attitude, which is very rare. The documents I wrote are based on the guidance and suggestions provided by the teachers. At the same time, the teacher also shared instant and professional information and resources for us to refer to. The relationship between the teacher and us is really close without estrangement.
Thank my classmates for the time we stayed together
Also, I want to thank my classmates. In the PCS life, we studied together, played together, walking through the whole high school life. Although everyone’s direction is different, we will still help each other to face the struggles in future.Thus, I never feel that I am fighting alone, but have your company all the time.
My parents give me enough space to explore my interest freely.
Different with many other families, my parents did not impose many restrictions on me in many places, so I was completely allowed to choose whether to study, make friends or hobbies, giving me full freedom to enjoy the whole process of exploration, but there was also a premise that I should be responsible for the results of my choice. Although I made some mistakes, it was really nothing compared with what I gained, I feel really lucky to have such open-minded parents.
Frank and his classmates
Being independent is the best gift PCS gave me
After the last class every day, I usually stay with my classmates. Sometimes I participate in community activities, do my homework or practice the piano. In the evening self-study, I will finish the homework assigned by the teacher, and then return to the bedroom to continue to do some other remaining homework, or develop some of my own interests and hobbies. In PCS, we have enough independent space to control our after-school life, so it is a great test of our ability to be independent and plan our study and life.
All PCS students work hard
In PCS, you will find that every student works very hard, and the “competitive” learning atmosphere among students is really rare. In the spare time, some students are constantly participating in various kinds of competition, some are working hard to improve their GPA scores, and some students are developing their own interests and hobbies in the club. In grade 10, I teamed up with my classmates to participate in the business competition in ASDAN and won a medal; I participated in the summer schools of UCLA and USC for two summer vacations, and learned some knowledge of film and VFX production; I also participated in the school clubs and formed my own band with my classmates. I think the ability to be “self-conscious” is one of the most intuitive and valuable benefits that Burgers brings to each of us.
“Tales Talk” Blogger, fruitful achievements
Out of school experience, what I want to share most is my experience as a blogger of “Tales Talk”, which is to explain “strange news”, “urban legend” and other contents to the audience online. Unexpectedly, doing it has attracted the support of many fans.
This experience not only made me master a lot of video editing skills, but also taught me how to maintain the high production frequency while ensuring the output quality of video content, but also gained a lot in material collection, material selection skills, copywriting, content analysis, etc.
Be your best
Advice to my juniors
I think the most important is that no matter what we experience, we must stick to ourselves and find what we really like to do. In PCS, as long as we keep up with the teacher, we will have no problem with our studies. Therefore, we need to open our minds, take fully advantage of the spare time to express our love without regrets and reservations.
Then I want to say that, throughout our high school career, we will experience depression more or less, but please allow this status to appear and it does not matter. Youth is a time mixed by happiness and depression, it’s fine as long as we don’t do things that we will regret in future.
At least, I hope we don’t make too many comparisons with others and worry. It's better to do a good job of ourselves, walk our own path, and become the “best us”!