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College Counselling Lecture: Stanford alumni interviewer came to Pegasus to bring standardized test preparation practical experience!

        Release Time:2022-06-09 15:53

In the afternoon of June 2, Mr. Sean, the Stanford alumni interviewer, was invited by the school's College Counselling Center to give students a guidance lecture on how to make use of university resources, how to prepare for standardized examinations in the application season and University interview skills after entering the University.
Sean is a bachelor majoring in computer science at the University of Southern California, a doctoral candidate in computer science at Stanford University and is also an interviewer for Stanford alumni. He has achieved full marks in both SAT and TOEFL, and has also taken 12 AP courses in one year. He is truly a super scholar.
PCS students has gained a lot from Sean’s sharing. So what wonderful content did he share about the standardized part of preparing for the exam?
The following is the content summary of standardized test preparation
How to prepare the TOFEL:
Vocabulary: remind the words frequently, use time on vocabulary book, keep averge daily workload
Reading: No need various reading skills in the beginning, but the intensive reading.
Listening: Circular practice method: memorize words by category → questions practice → listen carefully repeatedly → check new words and phrases against the text → listen hard.
Speaking and comprehensive writing: zero template
About SAT:
■Test-Optional policy: refers that applicants can selectively submit their standardized scores (SAT/ACT), and the admissions officer will review the standardized scores as part of the overall enrollment.
■Test-Blind policy doesn’t require students to submit the standardized scores, and the officer won’t put the scores as part of the overall enrollment even if you have them.
■For the students of 2022, SAT score is the key factor to obtain admission to famous universities.
■How to prepare SAT?
Materials: Examinations in previous years
Reading: 5 articles, grasping the core of science and social science, practicing frequently and learn time control on history and novel parts.
Mathematical core to master: conditions of statistical inference, decisive coefficient, significance level, calculation of imaginary numbers (especially the 2nd power, 4th power and Nth power), equation decomposition method of circle, factoring formula of cubic difference / sum, learning to use graphic calculator, etc.
Read English books extensively

About AP tests
What specific functions do AP tests have?
1、Facilitate University Application
Most international colleges and universities regard AP scores as one of the elements to evaluate applicants for admission. When a student applies for a university and tries to stand out from many applicants, by taking AP courses and examinations at the university level, the applicant can show the university admissions officer that he has the motivation to pursue success and can consistently achieve his goals. The student's AP experience is conducive to the admission decision. 
2、Save time and tuition
Students taking AP may earn college credits if they score a 3 or higher on the AP exams. Earning college credits through AP courses can increase the flexibility of students to switch majors; completing AP courses can also help students skip foundation courses in college, have more time to study courses that students are interested in, and even graduate early.

How to choose TOFEL, SAT/ACT or AP?
TOEFL priority
Prepare for SAT after TOEFL scores of about 90 according to personal conditions
If TOEFL reaches 100+ or 105+, SAT is highly recommended
About the SCORE CHOICE and SUPERSCORE policy:
The score choice policy means that applicants should choose to submit the highest single score or all scores to the school according to requirements, in other words, it is not allowed to piece up scores. Superscore allows applicants to select the highest score of different tests and send the combined scores to the school. Therefore, applicants must understand the policies of different schools when sending scores.
■Act: It is not recommended for students to take the act exam if they cannot participate in the system training and can not control the answer time well, that is, they cannot complete all the questions within the specified time.
■AP in Grade12: for students who have achieved good results in the TOEFL and standardized examinations, if there is enough time, it is recommended that students prepare for the AP examinations while applying for colleges in the application season.  
In the future, Pegasus College Counselling Center will give full play to the resource advantages of the school's international education. It will regularly and pertinently carry out education guidance lectures on different topics for students of different grades from 9 to 12, so as to help PCS students obtain the most valuable information about studying abroad and experience in preparing for various tests to build advantages and accomplish “always one step faster” in the admissions of famous colleges.4