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No Sports, No Youth! Pegasus 2022 Sports Month Ended Successfully!

        Release Time:2022-06-16 13:00

On May 30, the Commendation Ceremony of the 2022 “Enjoy Happiness, Enjoy Health” Sports Month of Pegasus school was successfully held in the school auditorium. In the past month, the student teams: WNG team, Caroline G team, IDC team, Rainbow Pony team and the staff representative team competed on the same stage and selected a total of 4 major honors including groups and individuals. In addition, the ceremony also announced the best school results in 11 sports categories.
Academic Principal Steve Szatynski presided over the award ceremony and delivered a speech affirming the performance of all students
The face of youth is like the scorching sun in summer; the smile that blooms is as bright as the flower of spring dawn. Your every struggle and every perseverance will be engraved in your eternal youth memory - extraordinary will, strong physique, and team honor are your greatest achievements; every dazzling achievement is the “best embodiment of sportsmanship”. Thanks for your bravery and the infinite wonderfulness you bring to us.
Program: Tug of War
Key words: The Force
When everyone holds the rope, we are no longer a person, but an "Iron Army" with great power. A small rope connects the hearts of each other closely, which has such a powerful “Force”!

Program: Dodgeball
Key words: win by “hiding”
For the dodge ball game, compared with formulating strict tactics before the game, fancy moves, nimble dodging and accurate hitting are the key to “enduring” victory. Therefore, agility, strength and mental strength are indispensable. Your “heroic sacrifice” each time can not only make the audience laugh continuously, but also a “medal” for your progress.

Program: Tearing Nameplates
Key words: Love you more, “kill” you faster
The competition of tearing nameplates is like a martial story. Some people come and go alone, waiting for opportunities; Some people hold a group to keep warm and resist the strong enemy together; In the face of opportunities, you must act decisively, even if the other party is your dearest classmate. Isn’t the most sincere friendship built up through all-out competition and fighting?

Program: Fast walking
Key words: Recuperate and build up energy
Catch the tail of spring and go outdoors. In the fresh and clear weather of Qingdao, it is the best way to recuperate and build up energy to pack up your mood, carry your bags, watch the green trees and flowers, listen to the songs of birds and swallows, and have a close contact with nature. After all, there are more fierce competitions waiting for you.

Program: intelligence quiz
Key word: good at both intelligence and sports
Pegasus people are well aware that a smart and responsive mind is the key to determining the upper limit of sports ability. Developed muscle with simple mind is not the pursuit of us. Who would not be impressed by the students’ excellent performance in the field of intellectual competition?

Program: 3v3 basketball game
Key words: No basketball, no friends
Dreams and passions are burning, youth and sweat are flying. Please remember that this land of Pegasus is not only the place where you started your basketball dream, but also your good brothers who fight side by side!

Program: Rope skipping
Key words: Fully developing
As a sport with a long history and rich cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, rope skipping is deeply loved by the public. Among them, the “8” character rope skipping is a collective sport. It can not only exercise students’ running and jumping ability, physical coordination and endurance, but also improve students’ rapid response, judgment and teamwork ability. Although rope skipping can easily get started, it is impossible to win the competition without super athletic ability, tacit team cooperation and strong willpower.

Program: Handball
Key word: Viosual feast
Handball, which combines the characteristics of basketball and football, plays with hands and scores points by hitting the opponent's goal with the ball. Handball originated from Europe and is the national ball of Germany. It is highly interesting and ornamental. The students run, jump and throw together, just like the rising sun, full of vitality, outlining pictures of youth and blood, presenting a visual feast of strength and beauty.

Program: Fun game
Key word: Fun ending
The Fun game is the ending battle of  2022 Pegasus sports month. The programs include both intense and exciting competitive games, such as “Whirlwind run” and “Ball fight”, as well as cooperative games that test tacit understanding and full of interest, such as “Beat the drum and bounce the ball”, “Newspaper wheel walking”, “3-leg race”, etc.
Facing the sunshine and spring breeze, teachers and students worked together in various projects to enjoy the fun of sports. The sports month activity that lasted for nearly a month ended with the laughter of the students. We believe that this beautiful time will be remembered in the deep memory of our youth and become one of the best memories of our life in Pegasus.

Leadership Award
Leadership is by no means a hierarchy, but a choice for self-improvement. However, leadership is not only about self-improvement, but also about the positive impact on the surrounding groups. The "Leadership Award" is used to recognize those who have the courage to break through themselves during the "Sports Month" and make outstanding contributions to the success of the sports month activities with such a positive spirit!
prize winner:Jeremiah Zheng、Owen Gao、Ann Dong
Contribution Award
You have light in your eyes and love in your heart; you are good at sharing and willing to help others; you have promoted the smooth holding of the Sports Month activities with your full mental state and selfless dedication, and set a good learning example for all teachers and students. The Contribution Award recognizes students who have made a positive contribution to the event.
prize winner:Ryan Zhou、Andrew Wang、Collin Zhang、Nikki Pu、Amy Zhang、Helen Zhang
We believe that every struggle will make you stronger. Now, you have been written into the Pegasus history with the best results of 11 sports including sit ups, squats, sitting position push, “the biggest mouth”, wrist breaking, 100 meter sprint, push ups, pull ups, standing long jump, shuttlecock kicking and 5-kilometer running. You will inspire more students to challenge you with  the attitude of “never giving up”!
Outstanding Team Player
On the sports field, although it is a contest between teams, it has to be said that you are the "leader" of each team. This award recognizes those students who have amazing athletic ability. I hope you will continue to work hard in the future and continue to challenge yourself - that is, become "faster, higher, stronger"!
prize winner:
WNG: Corinna Peng、Helen Zhang、Collin Zhang、Jack Liu、Nikki Pu
RP:Tommy Guo、Vicky Ren、Jose Sun、Devin Zheng、Abigail Jiang
CG:Alex Zhang、Jackson Li、Cora Zhao、Harry Zhang、Sarah Zhang
IDC:Gavin Lu、Frank Zhang、Julia Li、Emily Zhang、Suri Sui
Final ranking:
Let us congratulate the WNG team, do you still remember your original slogan? "Windey Never Gives Up", if you don't thank Windey, she will be definitely sad!
In this most beautiful season, you meet in the arena. The sweat of hard work, hearty laughter, and the joy of growing up are all witnesses of your all-out efforts.
The sports month activity was successfully concluded with the joint efforts of all Pegasus teachers and students. This activity not only greatly strengthened the physical fitness of teachers and students, but also promoted the exchanges and cooperation among them, showing the spirit that is not arrogant in victory and not discouraged in defeat. We look forward to our next meeting~