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Mathematics Seminar-How cool can it be to study math at Pegasus?

        Release Time:2022-06-22 16:19

In the past month, a wave of scientific research on mathematics academic research has quietly emerged on the campus of Pegasus. All the students are gearing up and actively participating in it - this is the 1st Pegasus Mathematical Seminar initiated by the mathematics teacher Dr. Ayyub Khan. 
For this seminar, all the students acted spontaneously. They freely formed teams, divided labor and cooperated, independently consulted materials, determined research topics, and used their spare time to write English papers and make PPT speech materials, and totally 17 papers are submitted.
Afterwards, at the report meeting held on the morning of June 8, each group gave an all-English report to the expert jury composed of professors and alumni of Qingdao University of Technology, as well as school teachers and students, and the parents of the students watched it online as well.
Group photo of Pegasus students and experts

How cool can it be to study math at Pegasus?
The papers submitted by the students cover the fields of statistics, Taylor series, derivatives, various calculus and other knowledge fields, involving the historical background, derivative development, practical application and scientific significance of various mathematical theorems. Many of them are university knowledge. The learning content involved can be called a knowledge feast about mathematical academic thinking.
How strong is the research ability of the students?
Let's see what specific research the students have done:
1、Correlation between feet length and height
2、Correlation Between Students Living On Campus And Their Relationship With Their Parents
3、Caffeine and Sleep
4、Times of students take delivery per week in Pegasus
5、A research on spending time for the preperation of AP-Statistics Exam
6、L’Hopital rule
7、History of Calculus
8、Applications of Integrals
9、Basic knowledge of Integrals
10、An Introduction to Nabla Operator
11、Applications of Calculus
12、Calculus & Revolutionary Physics
13、The Use of Derivatives
14、Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
15、Definite Integral
16、The Origin of Taylor Series and its Application in Real Life Situation
17、Applications of Derivatives
What did the students gain from this research activity? Let’s hear what these people say?

Steven Ma: Pegasus Founder and CEO
I think the first mathematics research seminar held at Pegasus is very meaningful. I studied mathematics when I was in college. One of the reasons I fell in love with mathematics is that I always believe that mathematics is the universal language of truth. Mathematics has the beauty of simplicity. I believe that students are all seekers of truth. I hope you can enjoy mathematics as much as possible, and regard this activity as a journey of exploration and fun.
Dr. Ayyub Khan, Pegasus Maths Teacher:
It was a great experience for students who spent nearly four weeks preparing for their AP exams, working very hard every day on their research topics. And today, they proudly present their research in front of so many live guests and online parents from all over. At the same time, professors and alumni of Qingdao University of Technology also came to watch their reports. From this remarkable experience, my students gained valuable experience in writing research papers and presenting in front of such a large audience. Today, students understand the importance of calculus and how to apply calculus in real life as they discover and collect relevant data and corroborate real-life examples of calculus.
Professor Zhu from Qingdao University of Technology:
First of all, all the students are excellent regarding their English speeches, PPT reports and in-depth mathematics knowledge. I think this is because of their advanced education accepted in high school, which it is very helpful for them to adapt to university study in the future, especially study in foreign universities.
In the future, Pegasus will be committed to providing students with more academic platforms that can demonstrate their autonomous learning ability, and always implement the educational philosophy centered on inspiring students, helping students to better master the learning of subject content and cultivating them Multiple competencies in lifelong learning, active practice, teamwork, research thinking, critical thinking, etc.