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Welcome to Pegasus Family!

        Release Time:2016-08-29 16:27

Summer vacation has end, and every student is excited about starting their new transformative journey at Pegasus. Every Pegasus member has some vision of how the next few years will unfold, and the Pegasus experience will be very unique from all previous endeavors. To ease this transition, all students and staff members had a 5-day orientation during the first week, from getting to know other students, faculty members, and school facilities to academic rules and expectations. Here are some unforgettable moments.

Registration Day

Mr. Owen, our American headmaster greets students.

Mr. Schembari, our math teacher, welcomed parents and students.

After registration, students were moving to their dorms and meeting their roommates.

The First Parent Teacher Meeting

Both Chinese principals, Mr. Yuan and Mr. Xu, as well as Mr. Owen, American headmaster, expressed their best wishes for all students.

Each teacher talked about his/her goal and vision for students in the upcoming semester. Mr. Normann, our English teacher as well as the ELD specialist, emphasized one unique point about Pegasus: the English Only Environment. Based on his previous experience and tons of science research, the best way for students to get the most out of their English studies is to use English as much as possible. Thus, every class here is taught in English, and every class is an English class. In addition, our school enforces the English Only Policy to help student achieve high English proficiency when they graduate. Students are required to speak English both in class and after class. For those who speak languages other than English, there will be warnings or even punishment.


Shirley was decorating her dorm with some horse riding photos.

Students had fun with American foosball in the dorm lobby.

Basketball players couldn’t wait to play with their new friends.


In the Pegasus family, students are expected to respect each other, be responsible for their own study, be ready to collaborate with others, and achieve high English proficiency. We wish all our students have a wonderful school year and fulfil their dreams.