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【Pegasus Exchange Students】My Experience As An Exchange Student I

        Release Time:2017-03-04 10:59

        This year four Pegasus exchange students came to the U.S. for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of living with a host family, going to an American high school, visiting top ranking universities, and becoming part of a local community. Every student and host family has a story and we love sharing them.

Cathy Wang

        When I arrived at Orange Vista High School the first time, I couldn’t help thinking back on my first day of primary school, middle school, and Pegasus. I felt warm and welcomed when students in different races and colors greeted me, hugged, and shook hands with me. I really looked forward to experiencing the school life.
      After six months studying at Pegasus, I’ve made big progress in English proficiency. That’s why I can understand and communicate with my teachers and classmates here without any difficulty.

        I've attended various classes, including SAT prep, history, and chemistry. Dedicated and engaging teachers and highly effective learning environments remind me of my home school, Pegasus.

        I still remember one questions that a student asked me in history class. The question was why I was always pursuing a perfect score. I couldn’t answer this question at first since I took it for granted that a perfect score should the academic goal for every student. Then I tried my best to put my thoughts into logic. After hearing my explanation our teacher added that since it is common to have only one child in Asian families, that child always carries high expectations from all family members. Thus, s/he not only represents him/herself, but rather the whole family. Then the teacher smiled at me as if she already knew I would agree with her.