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【American Exchange Students】Experiencing Pegasus I

        Release Time:2017-03-22 11:04

        This year four Pegasus exchange students came to the U.S. for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of living with a host family, going to an American high school, visiting top ranking universities, and becoming part of a local community. After two weeks, they brought their American buddies, four California high school kids, back to Pegasus to experience China and the unique Chinese culture.

China Trip: Falling in love with Beijing

        After saying good-bye to their families and friends at the airport, the American students’ fantastic China trip began. Before coming to Pegasus, they stopped by Beijing for two days. There is an old saying: he who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man. It means if visiting Beijing, it is mandatory to see The Wall. Therefore they went to Mutianyu part, which is famous for its beautiful scenery. The wall is built on the older Qi dynasty section (AD550-77) . The scenery is wonderful with crumbling outposts seen on the hills in the background. There are also watch towers built into the wall itself. Then they also paid a visit to the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square.

        While in Qingdao, Pegasus students all got ready to welcome their new friends from across the Pacific Ocean, with their biggest smiles and warmest hugs.

        In the evening, Pegasus students threw a welcome party for their new friends as well as their old friends, our four exchange students. Pegasus students shared their American experience, while their American friends introduced themselves and their expectations of the upcoming Pegasus adventure.

Boarding Life:Falling in love with Pegasus

        Unlike their schools in the U.S., Pegasus is a boarding school, so American students will experience intensive academic training, various after school programs and clubs, and boarding life with all other Chinese students. Using chopsticks does not pose a great challenge for our American guests, rather they seems to enjoy the Chinese culture and the delicious food at our café.

        On the next day, Pegasus ASB organized a basketball match to welcome our new students.

Chinese Class:Falling in love with Chinese calligraphy

        Our American students also get chances to learn the traditional Chinese culture, including writing calligraphy. Calligraphy, the writing of characters, is an art that has developed over many centuries in China. Most American students have never had such experience before, so Mr. Wong, our Chinese teacher, coached them from the very basic skills, such as how to hold the brush and how to write different strokes. Then they started to practice the traditional character, ai 愛 (love in English). It is composed of xin心 (heart in English) and you友 (friend in English), symbolizing to love everyone around you with heart.

        Students who participate in the exchange program have the opportunity to experience a different learning environment. At the same time, they get to develop certain life skills during the exchange period. Being American Ambassadors in China will also help them bring international awareness and cultural diversity to their own campuses.