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【Pegasus Activity】 Pegasus Fire Drill, May 9th

        Release Time:2017-05-10 11:27

        Fire drills happen several times a year. The purpose of the fire drills is to ensure the efficient and safe exit of facilities in the case of an emergency. Even though they are drills, they are very important because through practice our students will learn what to do and how to behave in an emergency. Pegasus held its fire drill at 2:00pm on May 9th.

        Before the drill, all staff were informed about the evacuation routes, drill procedures, and their responsibilities during the drill and during an actual emergency.

        In addition, officials from the fire station of Qingdao High tech Zone were invited to give a workshop on fire drill procedures to students and staff and share real stories of fire and how to avoid common mistakes in an emergency.

        The alarm rang at 3:15pm, and all students exited their dorms and walked in a orderly fashion. They evacuated the building by designated routes to the assembly area on the basketball court. Staff checked that all dorm rooms were clear, all exits were clear, took roll, and accounted for each student.

        At the conclusion of the evacuation drill, the firefighters then trained staff and students on the proper use of fire extinguishers. They lit actual fires in a controlled manner and instructed students to shake the extinguisher before aiming at the base of the fire and squeezing the handle all the way down to fully extinguish the flames.
      Students found the exercise informative and were excited to see how the extinguishers worked against a real fire. “I have always seen them in the school and shops and wondered how they actually worked”, commented one student after practicing with the fire extinguisher.