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Pegasus California School – The Key to Entrance into Top US Universities

        Release Time:2018-08-10 13:33

· Pegasus California School offers opportunities available nowhere else in Asia. 

· Our students receive instruction, speak, read, write, and think in English all day long from 7AM-9PM – our English only policy offers the only true immersion program in China. 

· Our students are taught by California credentialed teachers, teachers certified as experts in their subjects by the State of California under United States law and the No Child Left Behind Act. 

· Our students are taught with all California Curriculum which adheres to the Common Core Standards. 

· Our students receive a California High School Diploma from the Val Verde Unified School District upon graduation. 

· Our students will be A-G Ready, satisfying the requirements for entrance into the prestigious University of California system, recognized worldwide as the Top public university system in the world. There is a reason 10 of the top 50 universities are in California. California is recognized as the leader in education in the United States. What California does, the rest of the world follows or acknowledges. 

· Universities in America and worldwide will recognize our students’ transcripts. 

· Our students will gain entrance into the Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 Universities in the United States and be successful there, because they will have acquired all the tools necessary for their success. They will be fluent in academic English after the rigorous curriculum of Pegasus. They will understand American instructional methods and prepared for success at University. 

What we offer: 

· We have the best teaching staff in China! 

 · We are well known in the United States University System. 

 · We have been meeting with, conversing, virtual chatting, and exchanging correspondence with Deans of admission in every top 100 University in the United States. We expect visits from several this fall. Every top university in America knows Pegasus California School and its students. 

· Dr. Long – Former Secretary of Education for the State of California has limitless contact with not only California universities, but nationwide. 

· Mr. Steven Ma – International Liaison for the State of California Department of Education, his contacts and proven record of accomplishments helping Chinese students to success in Top American Universities is unmatched. 

· Our connections into the American University System are superlative. No one in Asia has the connections of Pegasus. 

· Our exchange program with two California High School Districts – Val Verde Unified and Fullerton Unified has sent sixteen Pegasus students to study abroad in American high schools and returned sixteen American students to Pegasus. 

 · Our Pegasus - UC Irvine Summer program has sent more than forty of our Pegasus students to study in a top 50 University program. The program is specifically designed for our Pegasus students. 

What we will offer this year at Pegasus: 

· In our third full year, our students will have the opportunity to take 18 Advanced Placement courses. 

· We will have college application workshops for our graduating seniors, where our students will sit down with our College Counselor, Headmaster, College Advisor, Registrar, our teachers, and assistants to ensure they are ready to apply. The process will be overseen by both Dr. Long and Mr. Steven Ma. 

· We will have multiple clubs and extra-curricular activities, including athletic opportunities for both boys and girls. 

· We have outside tech companies who will be working with our students and clubs for workshop, internships, and greater opportunities in the global business sphere and marketplace. 

· We will offer debate, robotics, and business competitions. 

· We have outstanding music and art programs. 

· We offer instruction in TOEFL, SAT, as well as AP and SATII tests beginning in the fall. 

There are many options for an international education in Qingdao and in China. Here are some questions to ask when researching an international school: 

· Do other schools offer – instruction in English all day, by qualified teachers? 

· Are those teachers native English speakers? 

· Do students speak English all day or do they converse and think in another language? 

· Do they have degrees in the subjects they teach? 

· Are they certified to teach the subjects they teach? 

· Do students receive a diploma upon graduation? If so where is it from? 

· Do they have the connections in American education to get students where they want to go? 

· Do the promises they offer seem too good to be true? 

There are many choices in international education, there is only one correct choice. Pegasus California School is about quality not quantity. The correct choice is Pegasus.