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United Pegasus Fighting the Virus ---- A message to the Pegasus community

        Release Time:2020-02-05 16:54

Dear students and parents,
At this critical moment when the whole nation is fighting a united war against the novel corona virus, our school wishes you and your beloved ones the very best.
The school board and administration have decided on the following measures in order to help contain the virus, to protect the school community from its harm, and to pass on useful official information to the public.  
1.Further delay of open date of the spring semester
In compliance with Qingdao Education Bureau’s Notice on Delaying the Open Date of K-12 kindergartens/Schools for the Spring Semester, Pegasus California School (henceforth PCS) has tentatively decided, unless advised otherwise, on February 24 (Monday) as the open date of the new semester, which means students are expected to come back to the school by 7:00 PM, February 23.
2.Task force on the epidemic
PCS, in response to the medical contingency, PCS worked out a detailed master plan, set up a task force with responsibilities and roles clearly defined and delegated, laid out detailed plans including emergency plans and an implementation-assessment scheme. Individuals have been assigned to take care of follow-ups, strategic planning, feedback, and information processing. For protecting all its members, PCS now stands ready with manpower and material support.
Chair: Echo (Hong-wei) Wang 
Deputy chairs: Sam (Ji-Quan) Sun, Fiona (Jing) Liu
Members: Vivian (Wen) Zhang, Grace (Yue) Guo, Chloe (Fang-fang) Kou, Andy (Yuan-ming) Zhang, Gary (Shi-lei) Wang, Yuki (Ying) Yu, and Jennifer (Jing-jing) Zhang
3.Specific measures
1)Prior to open date of the semester  
①Closely monitor the medical condition of students and employees who have traveled to Wuhan/Hubei. Keep track and record of everyone’s travels and daily medical readings. ELs and HR department work together in updating the list those who have ever traveled to Wuhan and Hubei over the vacation and keep a close watch on their daily medical readings. 
②Mandatory 2-week quarantine for those who have had close contact with individuals from the epidemic-stricken areas. Anybody who have traveled to (or stopped by at) Wuhan, including those who have had close contact with individuals from Hubei after January 14, have to stay at home quarantined, as mandated by the government, for 14 days. Individuals with symptoms of the disease must be hospitalized immediately and are allowed to come back to school only upon presenting appropriate medical proof. 
③Stricter check-in policies. Security guards, as supervised by the Logistics Department head, implement stricter check-in/checkout policies. They are not allowed to check in anyone before the school’s official open date unless authorized by the Director of Operations; everyone entering the campus has to be checked for his/her temperature, sanitized, and registered in the Visitor’s Form. 
④Purchase of anti-virus materials and devices. A sufficient supply of materials and devices for the campaign against the disease, such as quick-scan thermometers, hand sanitizer, and masks, have been ordered to shield our students and employees from the virus.
⑤Staff training. The nurses will train the employees on the disease, highlighting general knowledge of the disease, implementation of reporting procedures, and requirements of quarantine procedures. 
⑥Sanitizing and ventilating on the campus. In addition to the routine dusting and cleaning, there will be more sanitizing and ventilating efforts all over and throughout the school premises. 
⑦More strenuous efforts in spreading relevant knowledge. PCS will make greater efforts in propagating knowledge on epidemics and offering advising services to both students and their parents. 
2)Anti-epidemic work after the open date 
① Close watch over the students’ and employees’ medical condition and body temperature. All students and employees entering the school gate for the new semester have to have their temperature taken and be sanitized. Employees have to follow this procedure on a daily basis, as students have to have their temperature taken and recorded. 
②Stronger willingness on the students’ and employees’ part to required quarantine. Any student/employee who has exhibited coughing, cold, fever, breathing difficulty and/or any other symptom will have to be diagnosed, treated and quarantined as instructed by the doctor. 
③Stricter check-in and checkout. All visitors to the school have to go through the procedures of temperature-taking, sanitizing, registration and questioning (on whether s/he has traveled to Wuhan, etc.), and be asked to leave or reported to appropriate authorities if found to show symptoms. 
④Ventilating and all-through and repeated sanitizing. This applies to all classrooms, offices, dorm rooms, cafeteria, and all other school facilities. 
⑤ Treatment of diagnosed cases. Any student/employee who has been diagnosed to have contracted the disease can enter the campus only upon presenting medical proof showing s/he is cured and medically stable. 
⑥Faithful implementation of the government’s Class I Emergency Plan. Once a suspected case is spotted, the school will immediately file a report to the local Education Bureau and CDC, and offer assistance to relevant authorities to help investigate the case and to take measures to control. 
We appreciate your support and cooperation and strongly believe that, with our joint efforts, mutual trust, and professional tactics, we are going to win this smokeless war.  
Pegasus California School 
February 4, 2020