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A letter from the parents to Pegasus: My son's expectation —— Pegasus New School Year New Look

        Release Time:2020-08-19 17:32

Tomorrow is the start of Pegasus new semester. A new semester, a new look, at this time, the father of Student Q sent a "special letter ".
Although the contents of the letter is not long,  the lines of words show the father’s eager expectations for his child and the heartened happiness with the growth and happiness his child have at school —— Children can grow up healthily and happily and have a bright future through school education. Isn’t that the common wish of every parent?
For our school, at the start of school, not only because of receiving the recognition from parents, but also because of knowing the inner voices of our students through such a sincere letter, we also have unspeakable joy.
We promise that in the new semester, in the future, all the faculty and staff will never forget the original ideals and aspirations, carry through the " inspiring" concept of education to the end , constantly improve teaching, quality of teachers, hardware and all the possibilities that can enable students to achieve the greatest growth so that every Pegasus child can do his best for having a bright future!