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Welcome to Your Exclusive Pegasus Trip

        Release Time:2020-08-21 17:33

Dear students,
Welcome to be a member of Pegasus.

At the beginning of the new school year, you have great expectations for the futurewith the excitement of youth and walk into this beautiful and vibrant campus.

On August 20,2020, after a heavy rain in the morning, the scorching heat of Qingdao lessened, ushered in the reporting day of Pegasus new students. starting at 1 pm, new students and parents arrive at Pegasus campus one after another. Children submit their documents to meet and communicate with the program leaders of their grade.


With the time passing by, new students and their parents poured into the campus in large numbers, but the children were in good order, submitted all kinds of documents, contacted the program leader, carried their luggage with the help of the teacher, arranged the dormitory, and communicated with the counselor about how to select courses.

Course selection is of the uppermost priority for students to study at Pegasus, which lasted from 2 pm to 7 pm. With the help of the counselor, each child successfully selected the compulsory and favorite courses for the school year.

At 4:30 p.m., led by Headmaster Taylor, Pegasus academic teamheld a meeting with all new students and parents in the auditorium.

Headmaster Taylor introduced the PCS overall situation and development conceptand led academic teachers to meet with new students and parents one by one. Both the teachers who have been teaching at Pegasus for many years and the new teachers who have joined Pegasus are looking forward to the new semester. They are looking forward to opening a new academic exchange with each new student. They will also use their professional guidance, inspire each child in the process of growing up to realize more potential.

Finally, Headmaster Taylor pointed out four requirements to all the new students.

NO.1 have a good habit

NO.2 academic integrity

NO.3 be kind to others


NO.4 Be willing to help others



Ice-breaking Activity

After dinner, Pegasus Activity director led the students and the program leaders for "ice breaking activities ".


Students are divided into four groups, each group did self-introduction (including name and a feature) The rule is that "I" do self-introduction ," My "next door students" you " introduce" me " first, then do the self-introduction ;" your "next door students" he "should introduce me and you, then do the self- introduction. When it is the turn of the last student, introduce all the students in front. The goal is to make each child know each other, be familiar with each other, and quickly eliminate strangeness while describing the characteristics of others.


When the self-introduction game was over, the four groups selected a student as group leader. The group leader selected their California flag on behalf of each group from the activity teacher, and determined UCB group, UCLA group, UCI group and UCD group. Through the introduction of the activity teacher, students began “Pegasus scavenger hunt" game.

According to the rules, students are divided into four groups within 30 minutes to find the marked 20 classrooms or offices. The fastest group with the least errors wins. The latest team to complete and make the most mistakes can choose to do 15 push-ups, sit-ups or squats as punishments. Theevidence of success in finding a room (classroom) is that team members take pictures with team flags and room doors.

The last three teams returned to the assembly point on time at 8 o'clock and the latest UCB group and the UCI group with the most errors were fined 15 squats. UCI group has female students wearing skirts, so male students were very responsible and each of them did 21 squats.


The activity ended at about 8:40and thetwo- hour activity deepened the understanding among new students. At the same time, the children helped each other to complete the task and help each other to accept punishment. All students communicated in English throughout the activity.


Reporting day of new students end with busy work and happy games.
Then the students will officially start their Pegasus trip. 
Hope you have a humble and hungry for knowledge attitudes
 have the courage to take advantage of the wind and waves. 
At Pegasus, 
spend your happy and unforgettable high school time!