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【Pegasus Voice No.1】How strong are you?

        Release Time:2021-03-10 13:47

At the same time, Pegasus pays special attention to the development of each student's language ability. In order to improve their language ability and adapt to foreign life early, Pegasus completely creates an "English only" environment ". All subjects are taught in English by teachers.
To give students a broader stage to show themselves, further enrich their after-school life, make students feel the literary beauty with the classic melody, the school WeChat Official Platform has offered this new column called Pegasus Voice after launching the column called Pegasus Story to show students talent, inviting current Pegasus students to meet here in the form of reading classical beautiful articles or moving poetry Since March.
By participating in the activities, students experience the whole process of material selection preparation, pronunciation practice and recording success, aiming to stimulate their inner positive motivation and experience the sense of achievement in the process of hard work. I firmly believe that children gain not only reading a poem, an article, or a small story, but also precipitating and stimulating their potential ability. By challenging themselves, children will find that it is not difficult to improve themselves as long as they take action! It's so simple.
When the classic beautiful articles meet authentic English, what kind of sparks will be struck?
How strong are you?
Pegasus Voice | No.1
words:internet  |   reciter:Peter Liu(Grade 11)

How strong are you?
That is a tough question to answer, whether you are a man or a woman.
But, really, I want to ask... how do you define your strength?
How do you know your limits? How do you know just how much you've got?
When push comes to shove, we often discover that we are much stronger than we thin.
What is Strength?
Strength is not always about pure physical strength. Rather,it is about willpower.Discipline.Drive. 
It is about the capacity to get things done.
I know some people who are intellectually strong, but they get very little done in their jobs.
And I know others who find work extremely challenging. 
but are able to movemountains by their sheer drive and hard work.
They possess inner strength.
More insteresting, is that these productive hard-workers often don't even notice the load.
Bystanders are not only amazed, but often ask, "How do you do it?"
The answer usually comes back,“I just work harder than the others.”
So, why are some people able to do more? 
What gives them added drive? What gives them extra strength?
Could it be, they have simply given themselves permission to do more?
Self-Imposed Limits
What I have observed is that most people impose their own limits. 
They limit their output based on self-framed constraints of their capabilities and strengths. 
Sometimes these boundaries are based on past experiences. 
Sometimes they are based on perceived capacities. 
Sometimes these limits are based on nothing.
I can't do that. (Why?)
That is too much for me. (How do you know?)
I can't put in that mucn effort. (What would happen if you did?)
I am not smart enough to solve that. (Can you be sure if you haven't tried?)
So, how do we break through these limits? How do we get stronger?
Pushing It...
Many people are going through the motions, but are nowhere near their limits.
If you want to be stronger, you have to push your boundaries.
Pushing it is what it takes to increase your limits. In the gym, bodybuilders discovered this long ago. 
But, the same principle is true when it comes to inner strength. Discipline and drive.
Want to test your limits? Push yourself. 
Test your self-perceived constraints to see how accurate they are. Make sure you goals are slightly beyond what you think can be achieved.
You Are Stronger Than You Think.
Most people underestimate their strength
As you go through your day, challenge your capacity. Test your limits
Push yourself, to find true boundaries and define your strength.
When you discover how much you've really got, you may surprise even yourself
What are your self-imposed limit? Which do you need to push ? 
When have you found that you were much stronger than you thought?