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NSDA Official Certification! The first Pegasus Cup Qingdao middle school students speech and debate spring competition 2021, Sign-up started!

        Release Time:2021-04-26 15:39

Good news! Recently, Pegasus and NSDA( American Middle School speech and debate Alliance) officially reached a cooperation agreement, Pegasus is authorized to co-host with the official organization. On May 9,2021, the first "Pegasus Cup Qingdao Middle School speech and debate Spring Competition 2021"(NSDA certification C-level ).

The sign-up has started. Eligible students inside and outside the school can sign up for it.
NSDA (National Speech & Debate Association), is the oldest and largest honor organization for high school speech and debate in the United States and the largest professional coaching member organization in the field of speech and debate in the world. Founded in 1925, the NSDA has more than 1.5 million student members and has a range of activities in 50 states. By 2016 alone, more than 180,000 members of secondary school students participated in various activities organized by NSDA to learn to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and moral practitioners.

Public Forum Debate Competition
Competition Name: Pegasus Cup Qingdao Middle School Students Speech and Debate Spring Competition 2021
Competition items: public forum debate (grades 6-8 in junior high school and 9-12 in senior high school)
Date: May 9, 2021
Venue: Pegasus California School
Sign-up deadline: April 30,2021, If no spots for candidates, the sign-up will end ahead of time.
Application Channel: eventId=57
Question consultation: you can consult Ms. Wei
Email, or dial 13728951100
Resolved: Juveniles who commit violent crimes should be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

Original speech
Competition Name: Pegasus Cup Qingdao Middle School Student Speech and Debate Spring Competition 2021: original speech (junior high school group 6-8 grade, high school group 9-12 grade)
Venue: Pegasus California school
Sign-up deadline: April 30,2021, if the competition area quota is full, close ahead of time.
Application Channel: eventId=574
Consultation: can consult Ms. Wei,
Email: or dial 13728951100
Candidate original speech title:
1、know the world
· Why questions are more important than answers?
· How to cope with social anxiety?
· How to parent a teen? 
· To be inspired, or to inspire yourself? 
· All That's Past Is Prologue 
· Lessons from crisis 
· Why do we need to go to Mars? 
· How to bargain with your parents?
· Procrestination

2、know thyself
· The Mindset of a Champion 
· Why curiosity is important? 
· Why are we self-centered? 
· How to stay Healthy? 
· The power of reading 
· 12 ways to say no without saying no 
· Perfection is the wrong direction 
· Fear, or not fear? 
· Be an Active Listener 
· The difference between interest & passion 

Where NSDA Debaters in Qingdao went
(Some of the contestants are still in their high school.)
Gary Gao Yale University (Singapore Invitational Championship, MUN headquarters Gold Debater) Yilin An Imperial Polytechnic (2017 Qingdao excellent debater) K. Sun, Amherst College (2015 National original speech eighth) Emily Shang Vick Forest University (2018 Qingdao debate runner-up ,2019 speech runner-up) Harrison Zeng Michigan University Ross Business School (2018 Qingdao debate runner-up) Tianyi Zhao University of California San Diego (2018 Qingdao debate champion) Grace Zhao University of South California (2018 Qingdao debate champion) You Yi University of California Los Angeles (2020 Qingdao debate runner-up) University of California Los Angeles (2020 Qingdao speech runner-up) Stella Song Phillips E Kset high school (2019 junior high debate excellent debater)
NSDA official organization offers the above information.