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【Pegasus News】Exploring American High Schools II-Colorful Extra Curricular

        Release Time:2016-10-28 08:39


In general, American high schools place much emphasis on cultivating students’ talent in art. Music, in particular, plays an indispensible role in high schools’ campus cultures. A large number of schools have their own band and chorus, which usually perform with professional coaching both on and off campus on special occasions.

Rancho Verde High School Band

Rancho Verde High School Chorus

Many schools offer pottery and art classes. In class, students have plenty of opportunities to have hands-on experience creating their own art works.

Students are in pottery class.

Students are drawing cartoons in art class.

American high schools usually have well-structured fields or courts, a wide range of facilities and equipment, and well-organized Inter-High School Associations. To be the winner is not the priority of a game, rather, developing a range of behaviors, qualities and inter-personal skills (e.g., teamwork, respect, self-esteem, passion, and honesty) is usually what American schools value the most.